Celebrating Ceramics

This morning I wanted to celebrate a few Etsy ceramicists who are creating amazing pottery. Searching with ‘turquoise’ in mind, here are three beautifully crafted items that would be a wonderful, artistic addition in any space. On Etsy at: Burning Fork Studio Handbuilding is typically where you start in ceramics

Beach Design Ideas

I love beach-theme spaces. It’s because I grew up in Orlando. It will forever be my home – at least in my head since now I live far away from it in the Heartland. I digress. It is this love of everything beach that always makes me swoon when I

When life gives you lemon curd…

… you should probably eat it. Especially if it’s Trader Joe’s Lemon Curd. This past weekend was a blur for most of the days. I was out buying a printer, visiting with family, baking loaves of bread and eating them. But I discovered something I’ve been spying for some time.

Sophisticated Beach Office: Design Theme

After completing so many of my paintings, I begin to envision the room I would design around them. It’s a part of my passion for interior design that can’t help wondering what stores have pieces that would blend together to form just the right look in a room. My husband

Outdoor picnic finds at World Market

While designing a room for one of my beach paintings, I came across a few items that screamed elegant picnic. I believe screaming the word ‘elegant’ most likely isn’t very elegant. Said in a more proper fashion, I came across a few items that were the embodiment of an elegant

English Garden Guest Room: Decorating Ideas

I couldn’t get the Flower Garden painting out of my head after telling you about it a few days ago. I kept envisioning this charming garden-inspired room and kept feeling the itch to assemble pieces for it. So I did. If you were my guest in this ‘English garden with

Two 12×12 Paintings

These two paintings are splendid and balanced and represent everything I try to capture in a piece of abstract art. In other words, they make my heart sing. My inspiration for this piece was the most beautiful flower arrangement on, of all places, Paula Deen’s cooking show. What an unexpected

These lanterns speak to me

Cruising the internet this morning, I found some great outdoor lanterns at Potterybarn that just happened to be on sale. It is only a coincidence that at that same moment, my husband’s cardiac fibers felt a twinge of stress and panic. Perhaps a normal person wouldn’t be so taken by