What I’m lovin’ right now

Grasshopper Stapler at Anthropologie.com – $18.00 This is one of the most adorable things I’ve seen in a while – and it’s a stapler! Honestly, I’m not sure if I could get tired of stapling with those antennae looking so cute. It made me laugh so this little gem made

Simple beauty in the garden

Since it’s Wednesday and I woke up thinking it was Tuesday, I thought the day could a little ‘enlightening’ of sorts. I’m certain now it’s Wednesday. The calendar told me so. So to find my inner peace and sense of time again, I went off into the garden to appreciate

New in the Shop: ‘Key West Garden’ print

This past weekend was a wonderful one here in the North household. Saturday I was spending lots of time in the studio without many distractions, which meant I could really allow my creative juices to go free. I put the gesso on a commissioned piece that will be a burgundy,

Chipper Breakfast Nook: Design Board

This is a room full of fresh, comfortable colors and textures, which is what I think of in a breakfast room. You’re not in the space for a long period of time, but while you’re there, you are organizing your thoughts, catching up with the news or resting with an

New prints in my shop!

Over the past two weeks I posted three prints in my shop, but haven’t gotten around to writing about them here on my blog. I love them, no doubt about that, but it kept slipping my mind in the midst of working on new paintings (which are getting ready to

Waiting for gesso to dry…

While waiting for the gesso to dry on a few of my canvases, I decided to spend some time in the interior design world. But in actuality, it’s more like the shopping world since I’m cruising around the internet looking for great finds. It is great either way! Here’s what