Why sunsets inspire me

When I was a little kid, I loved everything nature. I suppose not much has changed if I’m being honest. But, back when I was younger and living in Florida, I had more than one opportunity to watch a sunset over the ocean. I didn’t appreciate it then as much

A few more paintings

I’ve been painting up a storm lately and it has been fantastic. There is no better time for me than being in the studio. Honestly and truly. It feels as though my entire being gets to relax and absorb itself in color, which is the most cathartic feeling for me.

Living room design tour

Today I was feeling inspired by the large 24×36 canvas I was painting (it’s drying, which is why I had a few extra minutes to write!). I think it would really shine in a living room and that led my mind to designing a living room around the painting, which

If you love tropical waters…

If you are a fan of tropical water, the Caribbean or the colors turquoise and aqua, you will love this painting. Doesn’t it remind you of sitting on the beach watching the calm waves of the ocean roll to shore? I painted this with my love of water, beaches and

New Abstract Painting!

I finished the painting halfway through this past week and I’ve been so excited to share it with you. It’s incredible in so many ways. Every time I stand and look at it, I get lost in the depth of the painting. It’s as though you get absorbed in a

What I love right now

I didn’t have a theme when picking what I loved for this week. It’s a bit of an assortment like the last time. Hope you enjoy the collection! These flats would be a great inspiration piece while painting. Every time I think about my dream studio, I keep thinking about

A little gallery I found

If you’re looking for some bright, cheerful and beautifully balanced paintings, you should visit the Gregg Irby Fine Art Gallery. It’s located in Atlanta, Ga, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying their great offerings all the way up here in Ohio. Whenever I next go down to Atlanta, they

Sunday adventure

On Sunday, my husband and I decided to head out to Prairie Oaks state park to stretch our legs and boost our energy along with my creativity. We were pleasantly surprised by all of the ponds within the park and were delighted by all of the dogs running around with

More prints in the shop!

Here are the three most recent prints I’ve posted in my shop – woo hoo! ‘Field of Flowers’ Fine Art Print I was witness to the most stunning bouquet of flowers with these colors and the image overwhelmed me. It was so earthy, but vibrant, colorful, but muted – so