Enjoying a campfire…backyard style…

Do you find that campfires relax you? I find that they send me into a deep thinking, creative world and it’s simply rejuvenating to be there. Late in the afternoon yesterday, my husband and I were reading outside and the wind kept blowing in a quiet, but chilly fashion. Someone

Autumn Accessories and Decor

I always get a little extra kick in my step when the leaves begin to turn and the air turns crisp. When it comes to decorating for halloween, or just fall in general, I like to keep it classic and sophisticated. The colors are so bold and striking on their

In the Shop: New Prints!

Last week I was able to post three new prints in both of my shops. Two were a series and one was a fall inspired piece. The “Cheerful Garden’ Series is much more bright and colorful than many of my other prints. I’m pretty sure I was seeing summer come

Quick Weekend

Sometimes I feel as though my weekends fly by and other times my weekends seem to last and last. This past weekend was one that flew by. I can’t believe it’s already Monday. Where did the time go? There were some fun things my husband and I did this weekend