While making a light dinner last night

Since there was so much delicious, rich food graciously made at family get togethers the past few days, we decided to go a bit lighter last night for dinner. Our waist lines thanked us greatly! Avocadoes are among one of my favorite treats on this earth. Pair them with some

Cable Knit room designs because I’m missing my cable knit sweaters

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! We had a great one. It began on Christmas Eve with my husband’s family. It was full of delicious food, lots of family and excited children. The time went by so fast because we were helping the kids play with their new gifts.

Whimsical Christmas Ornaments and foxes as salt and pepper shakers

Before I get to the main subject of my post, I wanted to share these little salt and pepper shakers: My husband and I had to take a trip to Target one night this weekend and as we were looking around, I veered into the holiday home decorating section. I’ve

The wacky Christmas ornaments of my childhood

This has been the view in the backyard for the past week since we were sprinkled, dusted and confetti-ed with snow. I can’t say that it is not pretty – it is. It’s just that I’m from Florida and even after spending more than a decade in Ohio, and some

The Home Office: Some inspired designs to help get inspired in the office

Oh, the home office. Can you relate with me that it’s the place that becomes a catch all, that random room that holds the relics from your college/first apartment days? There’s that desk chair you found at a garage sale that was perfect for the desk you picked up from

What I’ve been up to in the studio

To keep my creativity at a top notch status, I like to try new things in art that I haven’t done before. Or in this case, some things that I haven’t done in a while. Like sculpture. Back in my later years of college, I made three ceramic horse sculptures.

Turquoise Bedroom Delights

I’ve had a love affair with turquoise for quite some time. Isn’t it interesting how we all seem to find a color or color palette to love? I bet there is a lot of interesting psychology that goes into that decision. For me, it may be as simple as growing