After Graduation: The journey of an artist after art school – Part III

This is Part III of my online story: After Graduation: The journey of an artist after art school. If you would like to start from the beginning, here is the link: Part I The overnight hours allowed a cool front to settle over Nested Lake and along with it were

Something needs to fill that space behind the bed

Today I’ll be focusing on writing the next installment of my internet book. I said in my previous blog post that I was going to work on it yesterday. I did, but not enough to call it complete and post it up. This is why I am writing these words

Beige Living Room

In defense of beige

I had a conversation with a friend about her desire to live in an all beige home. She seemed to believe there was something wrong with not loving bright, vibrant colors. She kept repeating, as if a mantra, beige is boring. (I find that with me being an artist, people

Mighty deep milliliters to fill

Yesterday my pink Camelbak water bottle dropped onto a slab of concrete. It was as if it happened in slow motion; the water bottle was loosed from my hand, it plummeted full of water to the gray ground below. It hit with a dull thud and prompt explosion. Water gushed