Decor Friday: “We think you have the best home for Thanksgiving!” exclaim your in-laws.

Before I begin, I must say the bags under my eyes feel as though they could hold an entire week of groceries. I went to bed late thanks to my over-active brain and I woke up earlier thanks to an alarm clock. The buzz couldn’t be ignored because I needed

After Graduation: The journey of an artist after art school – Part IV

This is Part IV of my online story: After Graduation: The journey of an artist after art school. If you would like to start from the beginning, here is the link: Part I Because there was so much to be completed with the gallery and Mel needed every moment she

Decor Friday: Green with delight

Green is one of my favorite colors, but I realize it is high up on most people’s ‘don’t like it’ list. Next to yellow, it might be the color that gets the most nose scrunches when I mention using it. I blame the 70’s and the avocado green that adorned

Decor Friday: White and metallic autumn edition

I was supposed to do a lot of writing yesterday. I promised myself that I would be a writing blur of energy, ripping over the keyboard with the most magnificent of creative force. And that’s exactly what happened. Ha! Oh, I jest. That’s not at all what happened. What actually