Watercolors as playtime: It’s good for creativity

There has been an emphasis in our culture about the importance of playtime. For me the subject first came into awareness after reading the book Exuberance: The Passion for Life by Kay Redfield Jamison. At one point she explained how vital it is for young animals to learn about life

Blue and Green Abstract

In the studio: an almost-finished painting sits on my easel

For the past two weeks I’ve been focused on administrative tasks with my art business. The logical left side of my brain kicks into gear when that happens and limits my creativity. I don’t mind switching back and forth though I prefer to be creative for the majority of my

Peony Up Close | Cortney North Fine Art

Lots of flowers and one unique bird: A photo journal

I hope you enjoyed the weekend! It was a perfect weekend here in Ohio with lots of sun and mild temperatures. My husband and I had pretty busy days leading up to the weekend, so we decided it was best to take it easy. Friday night we enjoyed the quite

Yellow Iris

Yellow irises, one new book and tiramisu torte!

For reasons I’m still trying to figure out, this week has felt heavy and gritty. Do you have weeks that feel like an emotional whirlwind? Though I feel a bit rattled, I don’t want this post feel that way. Perhaps writing about the positives will get my good vibes flowing.

Seaside Breezes by Cortney North

New Print in Shop: “Seaside Breezes”

And debuting my latest print to be placed on Etsy: “Seaside Breezes” – so lovely! What I love about this painting/print: the colors! I’ve been working with my absolute favorite colors lately. I was inspired by the brilliant colors of spring. The pop of green is a perfect representation of

Weekend nature walk: The photo compilation

There are three things I can list as my favorite activities: creating art, reading good books and being in nature. It is best when I can combine two of the three. A few weekends ago I did just that. My husband and I were able get out early in the

Morning by the Waves abstract art print by Cortney North fine art

New Print: “Morning by the Waves” abstract art print

It feels so rewarding to have “Morning by the Waves” prints available in my shop! Working on the painting was one of the most enjoyable experiences for me. I let my creativity go wild and create a scene that was energetic yet full of soothing colors. I grew up by

Outside the studio: Fiction, lemons and paint chip bookmarks

Lately I have been experiencing the urge to paint, read and eat lemon-flavored foods. Then the outdoors will beckon me with its bright colors and glorious warmth. My mind feels like a constant whirlwind of wanting to do so much at once. I don’t want to miss out on any