A few classy Halloween decorations

Today I am in the middle of working on a total of four canvases. Two are in a beginning/middle point, but I’m still adding layers and layers, which are taking a while to dry because of current humidity in Ohio.

Not wanting to miss any time, I decided that, 1. I wanted to add a third painting to match the two that are in progress because I’m so happy with them, and 2. I wanted to work on a blue/ocean painting to encourage my creativity while I’m thinking about the red/burgundy paintings (the two that are already in progress).

So now I am applying layers of gesso to 2 canvases, but I’m in the same pickle – there’s too much humidity and nothing is drying! To quicken the drying time, I set up a fan and turned it to full blast. That should be a good remedy to the situation.

While the paint is drying away, I wanted to share a few fun Halloween decorations with you that I found over at Martha Stewart’s online headquarters. If you’re like me, you enjoy Halloween decorations in moderation and when they’re tastefully done. Here are the few that really struck my fancy as I was sifting through the ‘Clip art and template craft’ section of the website. Here’s the link if you’d like to check it out too: Martha Stewart’s Clip Art and Templates – Halloween decorations

Hanging Snake and Frog Vellum Lanterns


What I like: They’re printable, but would be the perfect lighting for a party. When the lights are dim, you’d never know these are from the printer and the vintage looking animals are ideal for a spooky party.

Shocking Silhouettes


What I like: They are so simple yet provide a large effect on the wall without spending a lot for decorations. Then you add the flickering light that will make the creatures look as though they’re animated – great, great idea!

Deadly Drink Labels


What I like: It’s funny and whimsical. If you’re throwing a Halloween party, you have to do something like this with the drinks. Plus, it’s a good conversation starter for those pouring drinks.

Flying Bat Mobile


What I like: Any homage to Alexander Calder’s great creation the mobile is lovely in my eyes. This one includes a nice bat colony on the hunt for their dusk-time snack. It’s minimalist so if you didn’t want an over-the-top decoration, this one is tasteful and somewhat artistic. Good blend, I’d say.

Wine Bottle Labels


What I like: These are quite similar to those deadly drink labels above, but for the wine aficionados. Might as well keep the theme consistent for the party!

Creepy Candy Jar Labels


What I like: It’s a simple, sophisticated way to describe the goodies inside and keep with your party’s theme. Sophisticated and nice.

I was toying around with the idea of creating some templates to add to those featured above. It’s still up there in my mind. We’ll see if I have some time to create a few in time for Halloween. I’m intrigued by the idea.