A few more paintings

I’ve been painting up a storm lately and it has been fantastic.

There is no better time for me than being in the studio. Honestly and truly. It feels as though my entire being gets to relax and absorb itself in color, which is the most cathartic feeling for me. Do you have something that does that for you? I hope so because it’s good to have a passion (or two or five).

So here are the two paintings I was able to finish last week. I put so much of myself in these paintings and now I feel a deep connection to them.

Nightly Calm by Cortney North

‘Nightly Calm’ by Cortney North – 24″x24″, $625

Here’s the first. I’ve actually had this one hanging in my bedroom because it’s relaxing and reminds me of dusk or just before dawn. It’s the moment of twilight and all is still, except the sounds of crickets chirping in the background. These colors are the most direct way to soothe my soul. I love this painting.

And here’s the second painting. Autumn is almost upon us and I was feeling so inspired. Have you ever been hiking and looked out over onto a hill of trees to see the fall trees at the peak of their color? That’s what this painting is all about. I focused my mind on all of the memories of fall trips in the Appalachian mountains and this is what came out.

Autumn Impression by Cortney North

‘Autumn Impression’ by Cortney North – 24″x36″, $955

What I can say about this painting: it’s dynamic. It is difficult to keep from staring at one spot within it. There is depth, dimension and more depth from the many layers. Sunlight looks as though it’s shining across the top, which is illuminating the scene into a magnificent light show. The word ‘luminous’ is another good way to describe this scene.

So that’s what I’ve been up to lately. Let me know if you’re interested in purchasing either of these paintings.

I hope your Monday has been a great one! Happy New Week to you!

Artfully yours,