Cortney North

About Cortney

Columbus, Ohio-based artist Cortney North makes abstracted landscapes that pull from her passion for the natural world. Working intuitively, she develops each painting as if immersed in the scene – imagining sensory input such as sounds and smells – and translating these elements through the use of colors and brush strokes.

Cortney received a Bachelor in Fine Art and Art Education. Cortney has won numerous awards for her artwork and is featured in collections both nationally and internationally.


Insight into the process

“The beginning of each piece is more impulsive and spontaneous than the final steps. I am responding to the marks on the canvas or paper and feeling my way through to the next step. I already have the colors in my head, but I place the next stroke based on my intuition.

“Once the large details are complete, I step away for hours or days then re-evaluate. Using small adjustments and calculated additions, I refine the painting until it is finished.”


Importance of Color

“Studying the history of colors has given me a rich background on how our current colors came into being. It is intriguing to research how former civilizations used creative means to source materials to make pigments – having the desire to recreate nature’s colors in their home, on pottery or on their clothes. It connects me to human history, art history, and also to this modern day with my access to pigments former artists could have only imagined.”



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