Cortney North

About Cortney

Cortney North’s abstract paintings are inspired by her intuition, love for color and time spent in nature. She resides and works in Columbus, Ohio.

Through her abstract art, Cortney focuses on the emotion conveyed through color and movement.

“Colors hold a great amount of depth. They can communicate emotion, which is amplified when colors are used in combination with one another. This is further enhanced by the positioning of the colors within the piece. The relationship between colors and our emotions is a fascinating subject and I love exploring it with my art.”

The process

“The beginning of each piece is more impulsive and spontaneous than the final steps. I am responding to the marks on the canvas or paper and feeling my way through to the next step. I already have the colors in my head, but I place the next stroke based on my intuition.

Once the large details are complete, I step away for hours or days then re-evaluate. Using small adjustments and calculated additions, I refine the painting until it is complete.”

Love of Color

“Studying the history of colors and their meanings has given me a rich background on how our current colors came into being. Not only do I love finding these colors in nature paired with an unexpected color mate, but it is intriguing to research how former civilizations were equally inspired – having the same want to recreate the color in their home, on pottery or on their clothes. It connects me to human history, art history, and also to this modern day with my access to pigments former artists could have only imagined.”


Cortney received a Bachelor in Fine Art and Art Education. Cortney has won numerous awards for her artwork and is featured in collections both nationally and internationally.

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