Artistic Process        Beyond Art

First I want to say ‘thank you’ for visiting my online studio and viewing my artwork.

Cortney NorthHere’s my quick art history:

I started creating art when most of us do, when I was a young kid with crayons in my hand. It was my goal to have the giant 94-packs of crayons on my desk at coloring time in elementary school, and after some patient waiting, I did. Nearly every year of school I was enrolled in an art class, including a few summers when I attended painting classes. My high school years centered around ceramics and state art competitions. All this said, it wasn’t a big leap for me to then major in Fine Art during college and graduate with a Fine Arts and Fine Art Education degree from Bluffton University. Since graduating, I have also explored the jewelry arts and watercolor paintings for professional sale.

It is an honor for me to have been featured and awarded in numerous art shows over the years, along with being featured in private collections internationally. These accolades are not only exciting, but entirely humbling.

Artistic Process and Inspiration:

I love finding balance in a work of art using textures and colors. The interplay of colors is such a passion of mine. Seeing a collection of colors together does something inside my soul that makes a piece of me come alive. It’s why if I see a cluster of spring flowers or a field of waving grass and my soul stirs, I have to recreate it on my canvas. I simply have no choice; the colors are imprinted on me until they can be reconvened in one of my paintings. It is during the process of painting that I reassemble and analyze the ratio of one color to another until I have achieved a balance that I feel represents what I saw or heard from my inspiration piece.

Some of my paintings are inspired by color schemes I see in nature such as while I’m gardening, taking a walk or enjoying a sunset. Others are inspired by sounds such as listening to rain, spirited birds or waves crashing on the shore. The colors that come to mind when listening to the noises is what I record on my canvas, which is a unique, fun and interesting artistic process for me.

Beyond art:

Art is a big part of my life, but I also enjoy spending some time away from it as well.

There’s my husband, who I met during college. He is a web designer and I’ve been assisting him for many years with his design business. I also want to say that I believe he is the best thing since sliced bread. My family deserves a big shout out in this section as well since they supported me to be the person I am today – it’s such a blessing to have this encouragement.

Writing has been taking over my life in a big way. I just finished my first novel and absolutely loved the process. It’s the first of a science fiction series, so I guess I get to love the process five or six, or even seven, more times.

Food is also pretty important to me. Cooking, also known to me as creating edible art, is a delicious past time. I’m thankful for my southern roots for developing my culinary tastes, and so is my husband.

Also on the list is my love for animals. I can’t get enough of them. We own a rescued bearded dragon who we affectionately refer to as ‘Little One.’ She is more spoiled than a lizard should be. We long to add a canine to her ranks, but for now, the spiky Little One will do.

My ever evolving want to love exercise should be mentioned here too. If for nothing else, placing it here might help challenge me to enjoy it more. It’s a process, I suppose.