Autumn Accessories and Decor

I always get a little extra kick in my step when the leaves begin to turn and the air turns crisp. When it comes to decorating for halloween, or just fall in general, I like to keep it classic and sophisticated. The colors are so bold and striking on their own that a little goes a long way. At least in my opinion – feel free to disagree!

On an autumn-inspired whim, I was searching around the internet to see what made me say, ‘Ohh, I like that.’ Here’s what struck my fancy:

Brass Nut Necklace from

A little fun fact about me: I love the hardware store just as much as I love the art store. My eyes light up and I get all giddy at the smells. It’s odd, I know, but I know there are other creative people who feel the same way. And here’s a necklace to honor the beloved hardware store – how industrial chic!

Faux Harvest Woven Pumpkins

Faux harvest pumpkins at Pottery Barn

I love the traditional pumpkin, but I might like this woven pumpkin as a great change of pace. The texture and lines really work for me and the neutral colors would work well in many spaces. So versatile.

White Crackle Pumpkin Individual Bowls, Set of 4

White Crackle Pumpkin bowls at Williams and Sonoma

I do love being in the kitchen, especially as the weather cools. Recently I’ve been feeling a frenzy about cooking soups, casseroles and everything warm that I haven’t been able to cook during the hot summer. These bowls are a time-saving alternative to cleaning out a real pumpkin (because sometimes I don’t want to clean out 4 pumpkins) and they have a beautiful crackle finish. Love it!

Detailed View

Manzanita Candelabra at West Elm

Sculptural lines, natural element, and it’s a candle holder – what more can I ask? Oh right, it is perfect as a Halloween decoration, but could also work year round. A versatile object always gets two thumbs up from me.

Sophisticated decorations on a lovely porch. Now this is how to do a classy autumn look!

What a perfect, Halloween entry display! Being that my husband and I love science so much, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was used at one of our Halloween parties. The jars just need some water and yellow food dye to make the effect that more real.

Ha! I would most likely never do this to my own house, but I think it’s great that someone put this much effort in to their decorations. A+ for effort, I say. Very successful result.

I will say this, if I were a child during trick or treat, I would never approach this house. Never. I would have walked across the street and avoided it like the plague. Just being honest…