Kids Beach Cottage Interior Design

The Beach Cottage – Designs for the kids

The beach cottage I would design for kids would look entirely different than the beach cottage I’d design for adults. Here’s why:

When I think back on places I visited as a child, I remember loving spots that were whimsical and overdone with the decor. Granted, I grew up in Orlando with Disney, Universal and Sea World just around the corner, so maybe I didn’t have a choice? Overdone and immersing people ‘in the scene’ was standard practice. Keeping this in mind, I have no objections to having large fish on the walls, beds being made out of boats, or colors galore decorating the kids’ space. When it’s a room dedicated to kids and you want to ignite their imaginations, how else are you supposed to decorate?

Here are some fun spaces for kids that could adorn your beach cottage. Enjoy the feast for your eyes!


For-the-kids Beach Design:



Green with cuteness: This little room is adorable! A sleeping alcove by the window, bright colors on the trim work along with fish and a nautical lamp – this is screaming girly beach cottage retreat. I would have loved this as a child. It would have felt like a magical getaway.



Secret Passage: This space would be great for the kids and the kids-at-heart. My husband saw this and claimed it was his favorite idea. Immediately he wanted to know about the space above the ladder. We believe it goes to a rooftop terrace. Perhaps that part of the design is not ideal for kids (at least unattended), but I like the idea of a ladder going up to an enclosed lookout nook.



Lighthouse mystery: I would have loved this as a child because of my love for lighthouses. It started when my grandparents took me to the Jupiter, FL lighthouse and has not dissipated an ounce as I’ve grown up. The lucky child who gets to call the above room home gets a lighthouse as their closet as well as part of their bed. This room is full of nautical imagination – you should check out the other pictures. (Click on the above photo to be taken to the Houzz page.)



If it’s raining: Some days you can’t go to the beach because of those pesky summer storms. Is there a better excuse to curl up with a good book? That’s where you would have found me on a rainy day. This great landing space is a kid’s creative playground with a fantastic view.



The sweetest: If I had two girls who were very much into girly things (something I never was), this would be the room for them. I love the dainty tent in the corner for coloring and story telling. The beds under the windows allow sea breezes to drift through the room. The soft pastels and bead board walls just add to the sweetness of it all.



Beach camp: The floating bed idea has been around for a while, so that isn’t necessarily unique. I do like the punchy beach twist. It adds novelty to a getaway cottage and if I were a kid, I would have loved surfing on those beds…until my parents kindly told me to stop.



Outdoor dreaming: I’m sure there are a lot of beach cottages with upstairs balconies that could have a daybed or bunkbed setup like this. There’s something magical about sleeping outdoors while looking at the stars, feeling the fresh breeze, being lulled to sleep by the waves. What kid wouldn’t love the magic of this indoor/outdoor space?



Atrium paradise: I long to live in an atrium, so I had to include this photo. I’m sure that this would be a lot of fun for kids too. The outdoors and the indoors have such a small delineation in this space. It would almost seem like you are in a beachside tree house. I think having the lines blur to this extent allows for the child’s imagination to be stirred.