The Modern Beach Cottage Design Gallery by Cortney North

The Beach Cottage – Some Modern Designs from Houzz

It strikes me as abnormal to have a very modern beach cottage design and I think it is all due to the word ‘cottage.’ A modern cottage? Perhaps a cottage could be a modern build, but cottages seem to be a structure that is old and weather-beaten. Thus was my challenge with finding modern beach cottage interiors. Not one to abandon an idea, I leaned into the idea of integrating a beach theme with a modern flair. So, yes, I played fast and loose with ‘cottages.’ In a few of the following designs, the space would be better defined as a home not a cottage. Eh – these definitions are just trifles!

Without further ado, here’s my curated gallery of ‘Modern Beach Cottage’ designs for your viewing pleasure!

Modern Beach Cottage Design:

clean lines, simple features, high contrasting elements that highlight the architecture, geometric-focus, beach elements may or may not be represented

Covered all over: I debated putting this in the modern category, but all of the white gives me no choice. It is minimalist with bright touches and some rope accents. That might be the only part that recalls beach design. Let’s be honest, that deer is the star of the show.


Clean and organized: Light and bright, this is a great use of grays! The cabinets are a green-gray, the wood is a warm gray. I love the subtle colors. True confession – I don’t like the subway tile (because I don’t like any subway tile – gasp!), but I do think it gives this space a cottage flair. The wooden touches bring this home too.


Dramatic decision: Navy and white – two classic nautical colors with warm yellow-orange accents. The value contrast is what pushed me to declaring this as a modern space. I enjoy that the rug has a wave-like pattern to it.


Geometry is fun: Normally all white kitchens feel flat to me, but the geometric accents such as the hanging lights give it a modern context. The starkness of the color scheme is palatable with that designation. I love the raised ceiling above the dining room table, just as what you would see in so many Caribbean designs.


Resort living: This space is luxurious! The elements that stand out to me are the ceiling detail, simple fireplace and focus on the view. I wouldn’t close those doors if I were staying in this house. The space is large, but feels cozy because of the warm choice of colors.


That view: The colors on the bed are certainly attempting to draw you in to the space, but how can your eye resist the view? It can’t. This is a funky home design – you can click the photo to be taken to more pictures of the home. Perhaps this home is not comfy/cozy, but it would be nice to spend a retreat weekend here.


Reminds me of a hotdog place I went to: It’s true and it was a great, open-air dining experience. This design is ultra-modern and not for everyone. I like the wooden accents that attempt to warm up the space. It could use a few more soft elements to help it go from garage to loft.