Beach Cottage Interior Designs for the whole family by Cortney North

The Beach Cottage – Sophisticated Designs from Houzz

It became just a little bit warm outside here in Ohio and my mind has been dreaming of the beach. I’m wondering if it’s a Pavlovian response to a childhood spent living in Florida. We were just at the beach back in January, so I figured I had gotten my ‘fix.’ Apparently not! Since I can’t get there anytime soon – mainly because that part of our budget has been revamped and is happily going to my husband’s orthodontist – I’ll live vicariously through these images on Houzz.

There are some things you should know about me before looking at my design galleries. I’m very picky (that should be read as ‘opinionated’) about beach design. I really don’t like beach-inspired design that is on-the-nose. Side note – I’m also hypocritical here because I have these (please see incriminating evidence below) currently hanging in my guest room bathroom. These fish accompany some bricks of deceased coral that I found on the beach when I was younger. I was initially going to turn them into an art project, but became sidetracked and, well, they still look like the incriminating photo.

Image result for target decorative wooden fish


If I were to decorate a beach home, I would keep it in the cool color palette, but I would find decorations that weren’t overtly beachy. Some shells would be allowed, but for the most part, I would want the feel of the home to be light, bright and soothing rather than yelling, “You are in a beach home!” That being said, that is my design style. If you want your beach retreat to scream it’s a beach home, you go for it. It’s your space, you need to love it!


Isn’t this little beach bungalow adorable? It didn’t fit in any of my categories so I’ve included it here. We stayed in a larger version of this bungalow back in January and I loved it.

Here’s how I divided the Beach Cottage galleries: ‘Sophisticated Design’, ‘Modern Design’, and ‘For the kids Design.’ Today we’ll start with the sophisticated designs – enjoy perusing!


Sophisticated Beach Design:

classic, elegant, thoughtful use of beach-oriented colors yet comfortable and inviting


Vine-covered arbor: This is quite an entrance to a beach cottage. Yes, it would take a few years to grow, but it would be worth the wait. It would be like walking into a fairy tale whenever you strolled up to your front yard.


Powerful pattern: This makes me think of an English country garden mixed with a beach home. That equation should always equal sophistication. The furniture is aged, the contrast is high and there are nods to the beach in the 2 pillows.


Warm office: Here’s what’s beachy about this room – the wingback chairs’ fabric, the sea glass-inspired glass accents, the sandy color of the room, paneled ceiling. I love the warm color scheme too!


View is King: The only element I can see that is beach-inspired is the (possibly) driftwood bowl. The chairs remind me of outdoor furniture, which creates an informal feel and may be an homage to a pool side lounge’s furniture. The most beachy part of the room is the view and that just seems right.


Bead board all around: I’m intrigued by this room. The ceiling is a bold choice, but it provides a coziness to a room that may otherwise feel lofty. I do like the grass cloth shades and the wood floors. Beautiful color compliment to the green accents!