Beach Design Ideas

I love beach-theme spaces. It’s because I grew up in Orlando. It will forever be my home – at least in my head since now I live far away from it in the Heartland.

I digress. It is this love of everything beach that always makes me swoon when I see well designed spaces that keep that light, bright beachy feel. But my artist side also demands to see the unexpected, to see bold patterns next to bold patterns, to see colors I could never dream of placing in a beach space working in a beach space. Simply said, I enjoy being surprised by design.

Beach Home Decorating: Choose a Sunny Palette

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Clean and simple with pop of coral. Wait. Warm colors in a beach-inspired room? Oh, I like it. What a twist. Plus, if your whole house was decorated in blue, aqua and green, this would be a nice, spicy respite from the other spaces.

Beach Home Decorating: Try Louvered Doors

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There is a lot going on in this photo, but here’s where my imagination takes me. I’m dreaming of sitting out on this patio at night, listening to the nighttime chorus and relaxing with a tall glass of iced tea. Soft lighting to highlight the palms and a good book in my hands. So much creativity can form from an evening like that.

Here are some great points on this patio. The plants are playing double duty by bringing the outdoors in and adding texture. The geometric square motif on the chair backs is repeated in the square patterned pillows. The lines on the doors help intensify the lines in the pillows and on the furniture. It’s a very comfortable space in the end.

Oh, I did it, I stumbled onto some beach kitchens on Have you been there? You should check it out if you love decorating inspiration photos. It’s as addictive as Pinterest – beware!

This kitchen is gorgeous. I could move in. Oh wait, I already have in my head. There’s the oven I’ll be baking bread in. Oh, that sailboat, I’ve had it for years, thanks for noticing.

In all truthfulness, I have a thing for sailboat miniatures. I don’t know why, all I know is that at the earliest convenient time, I will buy one and place it somewhere in my house.

What I love in this kitchen is the white on white design. There is so much linear movement in the marble backsplash that it gets toned down by the white cabinets. The soft blue island is perfect as a subtle change without screaming, I’m blue. It’s always nice not to scream. And how can I not notice those pendants! Amazing architecture to the nth degree.

This kitchen intrigues me. I’m still assessing it. Here’s what I’ve decided about the features: Those bar stools are wonderful because of their rustic softness against the sleek lines everywhere else. The pendant lights are incredible and modern with a nod to industrial. This kitchen is so modern with the slightest touch to rustic. But it’s just a wink of rustic. I think I like it … I think.

I’m known for my decisiveness, can’t you tell?

What is for sure in my mind is my love for this home’s dining room. It reminds me of an overlook on the Serengeti.

So there are some beach finds from around the Great Internet. They intrigued me and left me saying, ‘hmmm, that’s nice.’ Hope you enjoyed the tour too.