Beach-inspired bedroom designs

With beach bedroom as my search term, I was looking around for some interior design inspirations. Oh boy did I find some. Here are three rooms that intrigued my creative side and struck a chord with my design-loving side:

What I like: The architecture in this room is what sent this room into a new dimension for me. The posts of the bed are the perfect decorative element to draw your eye up to point out the magnificent ceiling features. Here’s another point I love in this room: When two rooms are so connected, you have to think about how one space looks while standing in another. You certainly don’t want them to clash! Here, the designers blended the two rooms into each other expertly. The colors are different (one orange, the other blue), but compliment so well that the two rooms embellish each other, instead of competing.


What I like: The patterns of the drapes are geometric, bold and not at all what I would expect for an ocean-inspired bedroom. I love when designs surprise me! The colors are soft, the blue has strong gray tones and overall, the room is invitingly luxurious. Similar to the first room design, the architectural features of the ceiling complete the unique look. I want to go cuddle up on that lounge chair and spend the weekend watching the waves.


What I like: Coral is my go-to color right now. I keep finding myself painting with it and I’m also drawn to rooms that are decorated with it. When I think of a beach room, I always go to the cool side of the color palette. Not only does this room incorporate that bold, warm coral, but it also puts black as the centerpiece. Talk about unexpected. That is why this room is my favorite of my interior design finds today. It really makes me question what could work inside a beach interior. Unique and stunning!