Cable Knit room designs because I’m missing my cable knit sweaters

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! We had a great one. It began on Christmas Eve with my husband’s family. It was full of delicious food, lots of family and excited children. The time went by so fast because we were helping the kids play with their new gifts. Like Legos. Those little blocks suck you in for hours! Christmas Day we were with my side of the family at my Grandmother’s house. That was a cozy, fun time spent by the fireplace. It was relaxed and the food was oh-so good.

But, while we were traveling around the state of Ohio to our various get togethers, I was yearning for a few of my cable knit sweaters that I owned in college. It was survival to have sweaters up where I went to college – those winds were piercing! However, ever since leaving college, I haven’t been able to locate those sweaters. It’s such a curious thing. There must have been a sweater thief at my college! Or perhaps it was a roommate giving me a hint.

Either way, I was longing for my sweaters and in honor of my dear departed cable knits, I thought I’d find a few room designs that feature this great winter texture.

Without further ado, here you are: Cable Knit Rooms

What I like: The cable knit is large and in charge here, which provides a great texture difference against the smoother fabrics. It also works to soften some of the hard lines in the room – such as those on the chair and headboard. There’s a great cozy femininity to this room that appeals to me.

What I like: I don’t think I would have thought to put a cable knit pillow in this traditional beach room, but I like how it takes the formality down a notch. It says “I like nice things, but I enjoy being comfortable.” Amen to that!

What I like: I’m a sucker for pattern and this rug has a lovely amount of it. The color bands on the outside add a bit of whimsy.  What kid wouldn’t want to dump their toys in the middle of this rug?

What I like: Textures and patterns are running rampant through this room – and it’s great! The cable knit isn’t the first thing you look at, but I like that it’s in the contemporary room adding a bit of softness.

What I like: Really, I believe this room is a great representation of winter. You have charcoal, brown, white, off white, and twigs in the corner. What is better to snuggle around you in the middle of winter than a big, comfortable sweater. But here, you have a cable knit blanket. The winter room is complete!