Calming Blue Bedroom: Design Board

Calming Blue Bedroom: Design Board by Cortney North
To enlarge the design board, click the image. All of these items are available on the stores’ websites as of 09/2014.

Perhaps I was inspired by the blue sky outside on this late summer day. Or perhaps its due to my design muscle being stretched with a few recent design projects my parents have asked me to lead. Either way, I’m glad I was inspired! My signature elements are all here, which basically means I have incorporated lots of blue hues, art and pieces ‘from the earth.’ Yep, if you could look inside my design heart, this room would probably be its love language.

Here are my thoughts about some of the pieces:

Fossil Study by

Oh my goodness I love a beautiful fossil piece.The history, the design, the texture, it’s all there in one beautiful display. An art piece such as this will bring a touch of class to almost any design. It’s also an investment piece at $249 since it’s not very large. For a person like myself who is overly enamored by fossils, I would be willing to skimp elsewhere to ensure this makes the final cut.


Theo Bedding Set - Porcelain Blue

Theo Bedding Set – Porcelain Blue by Pottery Barn

I wanted to say a little something about bedspreads, duvets, and bed coverings at large. In general, I would always encourage you away from a bold, bright, graphic pattern because, well, it’s a bold, bright, graphic commitment. The bed is the focal point of the room and if you cover it with something that ‘catchy’, you’ll be restricted with the other elements of the room. The rule of balance would dictate that – depending on the ‘wowiness’ of that pattern – you need to go stark white with everything else. I’m looking at you neon yellow, magenta and teal bedspreads.

I’m a graduate of the ‘I like to change things every so often’ design school. Bed coverings can get expensive and I don’t want to be locked in to a color scheme for five years. The above pattern is fun, but if you step away or squint your eyes, it almost becomes a solid. That translates to: A nice option for me so I can change colors in and out with my whims.


Cloud Study Giclee Canvas

Cloud Study Giclee Canvas

I was having some difficulty deciding on one painting so I opted for the middle of the road. There are numerous options for big sky/clouds landscape paintings from very talented artists. Even some of the larger stores (Anthropologie) sell beautiful paintings direct from artists; artists you would find in expensive galleries. The above image is a high quality print and comes with a lower price tag compared to an original painting, but you won’t go wrong investing in an artist and one of their pieces. The depth and colors of an original can’t be beaten. I might be partial on this subject, but I speak the truth.


Gem Series

West Elm’s Gem Series

Gem stones are a bit like fossils for me. If I see one for sale, I’m going to buy it and try to incorporate it in a space. These just happened to work so beautifully in the room and they add a geometric element I was looking for. They are made of soapstone and have that mid-century flare that is so popular right now.

There you have it, my love language in the form of a room. Now that I think of it, the only thing that is missing is a ceramic horse sculpture. That’s easily added though. Take care and Happy Beginning of September to you!