Decor Friday: The table lamp dilemma

The days are growing shorter with reckless abandon. That’s at least what it seems like here in Ohio. Unfortunately, this shift in light is a fact of wintertime and makes it necessary to have lots of bright, beautiful lamps turned on making a house look as though the noonday sun

Decor Friday: White and metallic autumn edition

I was supposed to do a lot of writing yesterday. I promised myself that I would be a writing blur of energy, ripping over the keyboard with the most magnificent of creative force. And that’s exactly what happened. Ha! Oh, I jest. That’s not at all what happened. What actually

Calming Blue Bedroom: Design Board

To enlarge the design board, click the image. All of these items are available on the stores’ websites as of 09/2014. Perhaps I was inspired by the blue sky outside on this late summer day. Or perhaps its due to my design muscle being stretched with a few recent design

Whimsical Christmas Ornaments and foxes as salt and pepper shakers

Before I get to the main subject of my post, I wanted to share these little salt and pepper shakers: My husband and I had to take a trip to Target one night this weekend and as we were looking around, I veered into the holiday home decorating section. I’ve

Autumn Accessories and Decor

I always get a little extra kick in my step when the leaves begin to turn and the air turns crisp. When it comes to decorating for halloween, or just fall in general, I like to keep it classic and sophisticated. The colors are so bold and striking on their

What I’m lovin’ right now

Grasshopper Stapler at – $18.00 This is one of the most adorable things I’ve seen in a while – and it’s a stapler! Honestly, I’m not sure if I could get tired of stapling with those antennae looking so cute. It made me laugh so this little gem made

Chipper Breakfast Nook: Design Board

This is a room full of fresh, comfortable colors and textures, which is what I think of in a breakfast room. You’re not in the space for a long period of time, but while you’re there, you are organizing your thoughts, catching up with the news or resting with an

Waiting for gesso to dry…

While waiting for the gesso to dry on a few of my canvases, I decided to spend some time in the interior design world. But in actuality, it’s more like the shopping world since I’m cruising around the internet looking for great finds. It is great either way! Here’s what

Pieces at Williams and Sonoma

I set myself loose again to look for what would inspire me, what would make my heart sing. I succeeded and found some finds at the lovely store of Williams and Sonoma. Every time I enter their store, I want to start cooking, but sadly, there are no ovens or

Outdoor picnic finds at World Market

While designing a room for one of my beach paintings, I came across a few items that screamed elegant picnic. I believe screaming the word ‘elegant’ most likely isn’t very elegant. Said in a more proper fashion, I came across a few items that were the embodiment of an elegant