Blue and White ocean painting by Cortney North Fine Art

My unplanned word of the week is patience…how about yours?

If I had to guess the topic I was meant to work on this week it would be patience. I would find myself exasperated if I tried to explain every incident of ridiculousness that prompted me to type this prior sentence, but why don’t I list a few for fun?

Newest landscape painting by Cortney North

A painting for my bedroom and delightful outdoor showers

Did this week fly by as fast for you as it did for me? It seemed as though I woke up and a few hours later was back in bed getting ready to fall asleep. It’s been a whirlwind! In this shortened week I’ve enjoyed a run in the sunshine,

Watercolors as playtime: It’s good for creativity

There has been an emphasis in our culture about the importance of playtime. For me the subject first came into awareness after reading the book Exuberance: The Passion for Life by Kay Redfield Jamison. At one point she explained how vital it is for young animals to learn about life

Seaside Breezes by Cortney North

New Print in Shop: “Seaside Breezes”

And debuting my latest print to be placed on Etsy: “Seaside Breezes” – so lovely! What I love about this painting/print: the colors! I’ve been working with my absolute favorite colors lately. I was inspired by the brilliant colors of spring. The pop of green is a perfect representation of

Turquoise Waters Fine Art Print Close Up

New Prints in Shop: “Turquoise Waters” and “Autumn Impression”

I completed these paintings a number of years ago, back in 2013 to be exact. I still enjoy viewing them, so they made the cut for prints that would go up on the Etsy shop. “Turquoise Waters” is a style that brings me a lot of happiness. It is soothing

Cortney North Abstract Fine Art Painting, small version of 'Quietude'

New Prints in Shop: “Imagination” and “Quietude”

Last week I was focused on getting new prints in the shop. It just so happens that both originals of these prints are displayed in our home. My husband is very partial to “Imagination” and I’m partial to “Quietude.” We had a discussion recently about listing original paintings for sale

New Print: ‘Effervescence’ 12×12 Fine Art Print

The holidays have passed and the new year has begun! I’ve been preparing since last fall to re-open my shop and I’m excited the day has finally arrived. I’m curating my older prints, so only a few will carry over from the days of old. Late last year and into

Middle of painting

Today’s post will be a shorter one since I’m in the middle of a large painting. This one, in fact. It is going to require many, many layers to get the depth that I want. I have no idea how many it already has. If you made me guess, I’d

Museum Find: Physic Garden Art Installation

High Museum of Art in Atlanta featuring installation by Molly Hatch My career in art began with ceramics and I suppose that my relationship to it might be compared to having a first pet, first child, first of something important. I learned a great deal about art through ceramics and

It’s the only time I enjoy breaking the rules

Yesterday as I fell back into the groove of painting my abstracts, I was reminded of a painting class I took at an art center during 7th grade. I can only faintly remember the palm tree clad building, but I do remember the classroom; the tall windows letting in afternoon