Houzz picks: Eclectic exteriors and some tropical therapy

I’ve been on a modern design kick. It was a sudden change a few months ago and I’m still a bit surprised by it. I was set on French country mixed with contemporary plus some rustic, then out of nowhere I began to enjoy ultra-modern spaces. Some of the designs

Decor Friday: These are best for hibernating

I’m feeling a bit under the weather today. As a side note, I’d love to know the origin of that phrase. I may skip around the internet and try to find an answer. Or I’ll skip towards my bed because I’m exhausted from all the germ fighting my immune system

Decor Friday: Green with delight

Green is one of my favorite colors, but I realize it is high up on most people’s ‘don’t like it’ list. Next to yellow, it might be the color that gets the most nose scrunches when I mention using it. I blame the 70’s and the avocado green that adorned

Something needs to fill that space behind the bed

Today I’ll be focusing on writing the next installment of my internet book. I said in my previous blog post that I was going to work on it yesterday. I did, but not enough to call it complete and post it up. This is why I am writing these words

Beige Living Room

In defense of beige

I had a conversation with a friend about her desire to live in an all beige home. She seemed to believe there was something wrong with not loving bright, vibrant colors. She kept repeating, as if a mantra, beige is boring. (I find that with me being an artist, people

Cable Knit room designs because I’m missing my cable knit sweaters

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! We had a great one. It began on Christmas Eve with my husband’s family. It was full of delicious food, lots of family and excited children. The time went by so fast because we were helping the kids play with their new gifts.

The Home Office: Some inspired designs to help get inspired in the office

Oh, the home office. Can you relate with me that it’s the place that becomes a catch all, that random room that holds the relics from your college/first apartment days? There’s that desk chair you found at a garage sale that was perfect for the desk you picked up from

Turquoise Bedroom Delights

I’ve had a love affair with turquoise for quite some time. Isn’t it interesting how we all seem to find a color or color palette to love? I bet there is a lot of interesting psychology that goes into that decision. For me, it may be as simple as growing

Beach-inspired bedroom designs

With beach bedroom as my search term, I was looking around houzz.com for some interior design inspirations. Oh boy did I find some. Here are three rooms that intrigued my creative side and struck a chord with my design-loving side: Contemporary Bedroom by Wilmington Interior Designers & Decorators Bruce Palmer