Beige Living Room

In defense of beige

I had a conversation with a friend about her desire to live in an all beige home. She seemed to believe there was something wrong with not loving bright, vibrant colors. She kept repeating, as if a mantra, beige is boring. (I find that with me being an artist, people

The Home Office: Some inspired designs to help get inspired in the office

Oh, the home office. Can you relate with me that it’s the place that becomes a catch all, that random room that holds the relics from your college/first apartment days? There’s that desk chair you found at a garage sale that was perfect for the desk you picked up from

Color Inspiration: Coral and Turquoise

Recently I’ve had a particular color scheme rolling through my mind – coral and turquoise. It all started back when I first laid eyes on the room design below. Contemporary Bedroom by Toronto Interior Designers & Decorators John David Edison Interior Design Inc. I absolutely love the soft balance of