What a summer day in Ohio looks like to me

This past Sunday my father, my husband and I packed into a Jeep Wrangler and went to the Ohio State Fair. The evening prior we had decided we wanted to arrive at the fairgrounds early, as in 9 o’clock in the morning. This decision was made with the weather forecast

I’ll make my chocolate cake and eat it, too

Last night as my husband and I were heading home from the library, I declared that I wanted to make a chocolate cake before the sun set. Earlier in the day I had seen another person’s blog posting concerning not wasting any leftover buttermilk by way of making a chocolate

While making a light dinner last night

Since there was so much delicious, rich food graciously made at family get togethers the past few days, we decided to go a bit lighter last night for dinner. Our waist lines thanked us greatly! Avocadoes are among one of my favorite treats on this earth. Pair them with some

Quick Weekend

Sometimes I feel as though my weekends fly by and other times my weekends seem to last and last. This past weekend was one that flew by. I can’t believe it’s already Monday. Where did the time go? There were some fun things my husband and I did this weekend

When life gives you lemon curd…

… you should probably eat it. Especially if it’s Trader Joe’s Lemon Curd. This past weekend was a blur for most of the days. I was out buying a printer, visiting with family, baking loaves of bread and eating them. But I discovered something I’ve been spying for some time.