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Lots of flowers and one unique bird: A photo journal

I hope you enjoyed the weekend! It was a perfect weekend here in Ohio with lots of sun and mild temperatures. My husband and I had pretty busy days leading up to the weekend, so we decided it was best to take it easy. Friday night we enjoyed the quite

What a summer day in Ohio looks like to me

This past Sunday my father, my husband and I packed into a Jeep Wrangler and went to the Ohio State Fair. The evening prior we had decided we wanted to arrive at the fairgrounds early, as in 9 o’clock in the morning. This decision was made with the weather forecast

New in Shop: ‘Beach II’ Prints

I think I can tell when I’m missing the ocean because I tend towards those colors when I’m painting. That’s what happened here. I want to be at this beach. Those turquoise blues are drawing me in. It’s such a peaceful beach scene, isn’t it? I had the inspiration from

Enjoying a campfire…backyard style…

Do you find that campfires relax you? I find that they send me into a deep thinking, creative world and it’s simply rejuvenating to be there. Late in the afternoon yesterday, my husband and I were reading outside and the wind kept blowing in a quiet, but chilly fashion. Someone

Simple beauty in the garden

Since it’s Wednesday and I woke up thinking it was Tuesday, I thought the day could a little ‘enlightening’ of sorts. I’m certain now it’s Wednesday. The calendar told me so. So to find my inner peace and sense of time again, I went off into the garden to appreciate

Outdoor picnic finds at World Market

While designing a room for one of my beach paintings, I came across a few items that screamed elegant picnic. I believe screaming the word ‘elegant’ most likely isn’t very elegant. Said in a more proper fashion, I came across a few items that were the embodiment of an elegant

These lanterns speak to me

Cruising the internet this morning, I found some great outdoor lanterns at Potterybarn that just happened to be on sale. It is only a coincidence that at that same moment, my husband’s cardiac fibers felt a twinge of stress and panic. Perhaps a normal person wouldn’t be so taken by