Vegetable breads are my new favorite

This past weekend was another one that flew by faster than a speeding jet. Friday night we watched X-men: Days of Future Past. I have been making fun of that title ever since the movie came to theaters because it sounds ridiculous. Having watched the movie, the name still sounds

It’s the only time I enjoy breaking the rules

Yesterday as I fell back into the groove of painting my abstracts, I was reminded of a painting class I took at an art center during 7th grade. I can only faintly remember the palm tree clad building, but I do remember the classroom; the tall windows letting in afternoon

On this first day of autumn 2014

I believe there is a strong argument being made by the autumn season as to its status in my life: It is saying “I am the best, thank you very much.” It has been pulling out all the stops too. On Sunday, I sat outside at the backyard patio table

Mighty deep milliliters to fill

Yesterday my pink Camelbak water bottle dropped onto a slab of concrete. It was as if it happened in slow motion; the water bottle was loosed from my hand, it plummeted full of water to the gray ground below. It hit with a dull thud and prompt explosion. Water gushed