Screenshots of what I’m loving right now!

Well, I’m not even sure how to start this post because there is so much spinning around in my head. Yesterday I wanted to have the painting shown below ready to sell in print form on Etsy. I really, really like this painting. It is a slight variation on my

While making a light dinner last night

Since there was so much delicious, rich food graciously made at family get togethers the past few days, we decided to go a bit lighter last night for dinner. Our waist lines thanked us greatly! Avocadoes are among one of my favorite treats on this earth. Pair them with some

The wacky Christmas ornaments of my childhood

This has been the view in the backyard for the past week since we were sprinkled, dusted and confetti-ed with snow. I can’t say that it is not pretty – it is. It’s just that I’m from Florida and even after spending more than a decade in Ohio, and some

Color Inspiration

This fall has been such a beautiful one and I’ve had no shortage of color inspiration from our outside world. The trees are incredible, which doesn’t happen every year. To my knowledge, the last two autumns in Ohio haven’t been as colorful as this one is shaping out to be.

New in Shop: ‘Beach II’ Prints

I think I can tell when I’m missing the ocean because I tend towards those colors when I’m painting. That’s what happened here. I want to be at this beach. Those turquoise blues are drawing me in. It’s such a peaceful beach scene, isn’t it? I had the inspiration from

A few classy Halloween decorations

Today I am in the middle of working on a total of four canvases. Two are in a beginning/middle point, but I’m still adding layers and layers, which are taking a while to dry because of current humidity in Ohio. Not wanting to miss any time, I decided that, 1.

Enjoying a campfire…backyard style…

Do you find that campfires relax you? I find that they send me into a deep thinking, creative world and it’s simply rejuvenating to be there. Late in the afternoon yesterday, my husband and I were reading outside and the wind kept blowing in a quiet, but chilly fashion. Someone

Quick Weekend

Sometimes I feel as though my weekends fly by and other times my weekends seem to last and last. This past weekend was one that flew by. I can’t believe it’s already Monday. Where did the time go? There were some fun things my husband and I did this weekend

Why sunsets inspire me

When I was a little kid, I loved everything nature. I suppose not much has changed if I’m being honest. But, back when I was younger and living in Florida, I had more than one opportunity to watch a sunset over the ocean. I didn’t appreciate it then as much

What I love right now

I didn’t have a theme when picking what I loved for this week. It’s a bit of an assortment like the last time. Hope you enjoy the collection! These flats would be a great inspiration piece while painting. Every time I think about my dream studio, I keep thinking about