Chipper Breakfast Nook: Design Board

Chipper Breakfast Nook by Cortney North of Cortney North Fine Art

This is a room full of fresh, comfortable colors and textures, which is what I think of in a breakfast room. You’re not in the space for a long period of time, but while you’re there, you are organizing your thoughts, catching up with the news or resting with an iced tea after working all day in the garden. It should feel comfortable, inviting, uncluttered and casual.

Breakfast Nook by Cortney North Fine Art

It’s a bit of a multipurpose room too and I’ve kept that in mind by keeping the color scheme rather neutral. The reality is that most breakfast nooks are in the direct sight-lines of most major rooms in the house, i.e. the kitchen, living room, patio, etc., and that should be considered so color/style clashing doesn’t happen. But, I do feel as though it should still be a space unto itself with a little burst of color to give a touch of personality to this unique space. You have it, why not design it?

Jewel Bird Silk Pillow Cover

This Jewel Bird pillow cover was the inspiration for my breakfast nook design. I love its whimsy and light, bright colors. It is also the perfect size for placing inside the wingchairs.

Amelia Wingback Chair

I was inspired by the twig in the Jewel bird pillow and wanted to keep the materials in this room cohesive with that natural feel. This wingback chair is such an amazing find! Not only do I love the structural sophistication associated with any wingback chair, but this one also has the a ‘rustic feel’ ideal for this casual room. Relaxed, but with style …  love it!

Jute Chandelier by Ballard Designs

This lamp shade is wonderful! The lines reference the lines within the wingback chair as well as the twigs of the pillow. I also fell in love with the strong earthiness of the piece, which is balanced from being too informal by the classic drum shape. I love it when things all come together!


This was such a find and I don’t have enough time today to write about how much I love this piece! The carving – amazing, the detailed, feminine legs – sublime, the natural color – too, too much. It’s worth investing in craftsmanship and quality in a piece of furniture that will most likely be a family heirloom.

Flower Vases

As mentioned earlier, sight-lines are important, which is why the main elements of the room are neutral. But not these dynamic vases! They are a small, but bold touch, which is the correct scale for a room that is shared. With windows all around the table, you are most likely seeing these colors outside in the garden already. By bringing in a few of the colors to the breakfast table, you’re connecting the outside space with the inside rooms as well as picking up on the colors from that great jewel bird pillow. I should mention as well as the these playful, little vases keep the room from feeling too formal.

Inverted Box Pleat Curtains

Curtains are a delicate balance for me and since most breakfast nooks are low on wall space and high on windows – curtains are a must have feature! They are a vital unifying tool in a room, but I prefer them to have clean, simple lines to showcase the view outside instead of overwhelming it. With this beautiful fabric, I wanted to pull out the blues referenced in the jewel bird pillow as well as a similar pattern to the rug. They aren’t overpowering and fade into the background almost as though the walls have been painted an airy, elegant blue. Beautiful!