Color Inspiration: Coral and Turquoise

Recently I’ve had a particular color scheme rolling through my mind – coral and turquoise. It all started back when I first laid eyes on the room design below.

I absolutely love the soft balance of this space, not to mention the pops of color. Though it may not seem like it, coral and turquoise (or aqua) is a difficult color combination to balance in a room. Or maybe you do know this because you’ve tried it.

The first hurdle to overcome is that both colors want to draw your eye in – they demand you look at them first! But only one should be the dominating force in the room or else the room becomes overwhelming. I found plenty of those rooms online when the decorator must have believed that more was more with turquoise and coral. I’ll leave that search up to you if you’d like to view those rooms. I have to avert my eyes from that chaos!

So once you’ve decided on the dominate color in the space, the second hurdle is finding a neutral — but not bland — background/accompanying color. White can work, when the turquoise and coral are used sparingly. Tan/beige can work when there are varying values (lights and darks) of the turquoise and coral. I even found a room that involved a very beautiful chocolate brown as the background color – how daring! You can go bold with the coral and turquoise with a dark color as the background. But they must be used sparingly and thoughtfully.

See? It’s not so easy!

Here are some examples that are well-balanced and do-able if you’re looking to redesign your space.

The coral arm chair and sea shell prints are the stars of the show here, but then your eye wanders to the less-potent yet equally beautiful soft, turquoise desk. Very light turquoise accents are found on the pillows, drapes, chair legs and the desk chair.

Coral is the vibrant force in this room and it lets you know. Lighter turquoise accents are delicately placed. If you love that little flower vase, you can find it over at Anthropologie.

coral and turquoise

This room has a lovely modern meets retro vibe and I love it. The chocolate brown is well matched for the orange mats in the frames. In this space, the white desk helps to balance out the dark walls, which is a nice touch. It would appear too oppressive without it.

Living room decorated with corals and aqua colors | Revedecor

I think of fireworks when I see this room – little pops of colors against the creamy whites.

Love these colors

A lot of color, but it livens up this small space. Anymore color and texture and it would be too much.

This space intrigued me because the colors almost appear as neutrals. What a great way to use the turquoise and coral theme. This would be a room you could live in for years to come without the risk of getting tired of the bold colors.

Coral and tan are the theme, but I love the one little vase that captures your attention. The turquoise vase is vibrant, and if this color was used elsewhere, the room would start to slide into the realm of color competition. But used sparingly and centrally, the little vase holds its own and provides a beautiful contrast to the coral.