Color Inspiration

This fall has been such a beautiful one and I’ve had no shortage of color inspiration from our outside world. The trees are incredible, which doesn’t happen every year. To my knowledge, the last two autumns in Ohio haven’t been as colorful as this one is shaping out to be.

With that on my mind this morning, I wanted to share some photos I snapped earlier today that enticed my artistic eye in terms of color schemes:
My cool color palette. I love the Primary Blue you can see glimpses of in the middle bottom of the photo.

A little portion of my warm color palette. I’m working a lot with yellows and deep reds at the moment.

Green Grass Color Scheme
The green, vibrant grass. It’s one of my favorite colors.

Orange and Purple Color Scheme
What an amazing color scheme this would make. I’ve been so been bitten by the need-to-paint-these-colors bug.

Orange and Purple flowers
So beautiful! I can’t get enough.
Orange Flower Color Scheme
Coral and deep oranges are resonating with me at the moment and I’m not sure why. Turquoise will always be my stand out favorite, but this is taking second place. Could it be the influence of fall?
Tree Shadow on Window
The leaves from the Crabapple tree on the other side of this window reminded me of a few of my paintings. I love the dimension and linear aspect to this scene. Black and white images always bring out the best textural qualities!

A fall painting And here is a sneak peek at one of three of the paintings I’m working on. This was photographed early on and so much more has been added. I’ve increased the layers and added more contrast. The three panels are almost done!

Happy Wednesday to you!