Decor Friday: Green with delight

Green is one of my favorite colors, but I realize it is high up on most people’s ‘don’t like it’ list. Next to yellow, it might be the color that gets the most nose scrunches when I mention using it. I blame the 70’s and the avocado green that adorned many appliances, counter tops and people. Oh, thank the heavens we have moved away from that color grouping of avocado, gold and orange. Can I get an amen?

Growing up, I never considered liking any shade of green because my mother despised it. In fact, her feelings haven’t changed; she is a proud member of the ‘I hate green’ club. If you’d like to join, give her a call, she’s the President. I know if I were to mention adding a green item into her red rooms, I’d be met with a door in my face. I don’t blame her; her memories of the avocado green and gold have created a permanent scar.

It is fair for everyone to have color preferences. There are some colors you like and some you don’t. But, if you’re like me and were swayed into hating green because someone told you it was ugly, perhaps the rooms below can give you a different frame of reference. I even think – if my mother dared to read the post after seeing the word green in the title – she might be intrigued by a few of the designs. She won’t because that’s not permitted under her Presidential contract, but a color enthusiast can dream.

I will give this disclaimer about using green: It is a trickier option than other colors. Painting ample sections of color samples will be your best option for a successful relationship between you and your green. Lighting can reveal hidden hues that come out only under the pressure of bright daylight or oddly-colored incandescent bulbs. You may have thought you were painting viridian green, but what you got was a shade similar to that stagnant pond down the road. Then you might question, “Well, maybe I like this? It was a lot of work to get it up there. Maybe it could work?” No, no. Stagnant pond isn’t a popular color for a reason. Use samples first.

Second disclaimer: I had a difficult time finding well-designed rooms that incorporated green. In order to get this posted before Christmas, some rooms will have a great design, while others will have one great feature.

Green and red are complimentary colors so they’ll look excellent paired together. The touch of green on the walls is muted and blends seamlessly with the beauty seen outdoors. If white was used on the window wall, it would have detracted from the view. The right color choice here helps bring the outdoors inside. And conversely, leads your eye outdoors.

Deep brown and dark hunter green; is there a more classic pairing? I like that it is used somewhere other than a male’s office too. This designer set the combination off with the bright white trim and ceiling, which makes it something spectacular. Green gets to be the moody star of this room. I’d love to see it at night.

This is a lot of saturation and commitment, I know, but I truly love the color. I would never be this bold, but the color is a great natural green that warms my soul.

This is similar to the soft, sage green of the first picture. Again, it is balanced out by the white ceiling. I like the softness of the color, though the room as a whole is a nod to the ‘Grandma’s Decor style.’

The wall color is a beige-green, which gets mellowed out by the vibrant green accents. This is a sophisticated way to add green to your room – just make sure you really love green before ordering that headboard. For myself, I would go more neutral there. I can’t tell, but are those camo pillows? I’m intrigued.

If I’m honest, this is how I would incorporate green into a room. I love ferns and palms because they’re the plants of my homeland (Florida). Don’t discount using real plants as a way to add green to your color scheme. They can bring a big impact. Just make sure you water them and avoid fake plants, they’re dust collectors.

I’ve included this room to show how a little punch of green can be effective, such as the green alcove for the TV. What a pleasant way to add a bit of color without placing it all over the room. Otherwise, I’m not sure about this design.

I wanted to include a room that used lime green. This is lovely on so many levels if you’re a lover of lime. It’s also a good lesson for what to do in a behemoth of a room. Soften the faux stone with drapes and use larger, plush furniture pieces. Bringing in the correct sized lighting feature and lowering it to a normal ceiling height helps lessen the cave-like feeling. This room makes me groove.

Minty green and lime green being used together makes me a happy person. If you don’t love the lime accents, you can always switch those out for beige or tan.

This is girly, I know, but quaint and nice. It makes me want to go to a tea house and eat those little cakes and sandwiches. These two colors are close to aqua and turquoise, but what a great pairing. I love that green bench.

I saved the best for last. I know it doesn’t involve green paint, but this is the reason I love green. It represents outdoors and life and all that seems good. And ultimately, I believe it is the reason so many people want to use green in their homes – to surround ourselves with the colors of the outdoors.

And that’s my roundup. Hopefully it convinced you even a little bit to embrace hope in the color green. It can be used with great success!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. For us, it will be a sad one with news of the sudden passing of a friend. Make sure you hug and love on the ones dear to you. Take care!