Decor Friday: The table lamp dilemma

The days are growing shorter with reckless abandon. That’s at least what it seems like here in Ohio. Unfortunately, this shift in light is a fact of wintertime and makes it necessary to have lots of bright, beautiful lamps turned on making a house look as though the noonday sun is shining from within. Or maybe that is my house? Yes, I do like it to be a beacon in the dark, cold winter.

Unless I’m watching a movie in which case I need it to be a deep, dark cave. I’m complex like that.

I love a good lamp and I really believe they can be one of the greatest pieces in a room. But, as with most items in design, they can be tricky, tricky. It is difficult to find the right size. Too big and you’re overwhelming the side table or cabinet it rests upon. Too small and it’s being swallowed up by the room’s other elements. They come in all shapes from thin, round, wide and short, wide and thin, tall and oppressing, well, you get the picture. Many lamps also have tricky proportions or look downright odd with a round drum sitting atop a beautiful base. I’ll be completely honest with you. When I’m coming up with a design, the lamps are the piece I dread the most because it is difficult to find just the right one. I also want a lamp that is sculptural, adds texture in a room and has a well-fitting shade. It’s a task that sadly involves some trial and error. If you’re in the market for lamps, you may have to purchase a few and try them out in your home for a few days. Eventually you will find the perfect fit – or close to it.

With that in mind, I wanted to conquer my fears and find a few table lamps that had flattering shapes, interesting designs and flexibility to be used in a variety of design schemes. Surprisingly, it wasn’t as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack.

Honeycomb Lamp – Teardrop at, $299

I’ve been in love with this lamp and its cousin for a few months now. It’s a functional art piece that would energize a room nicely.

Ceramic Urn Table Lamp Base at World Market, $54.99

I’m placing this lamp base in the mix because it’s beautiful, shapely and turquoise. Who can resist turquoise? I am very aware that finding a well fitting shade to adorn the urn will be a task, but with a base that looks this good, it’s worth the search.

Marlowe Ceramic Table Lamp at William-Sonoma Home, $495-990

Marlowe Ceramic Table Lamp
This shape is a popular one at the moment as is the crackled glaze covering the lamp. The lines are beautiful, it is a classic, versatile piece with a modern acrylic base. There are varying colors available too. It’s expensive, but it will last for many, many years, which spreads out the investment cost.

Leera Antique Mercury Glass Table Lamp Base at Pottery Barn, $84-86, sale

Leera Antique Mercury Glass Table Lamp Base

I have a slight preference towards mercury glass lamps. They glitter when the light is on, they provide a great, old world texture and they can work in almost any room. What’s not to love?

Mercury Glass Lattice Table Lamp at Pottery Barn, $129-179

Lamp 1
Pottery Barn, I am intrigued. I haven’t seen this mercury lamp in person, but I like the extra texture of the lattice work. You could combine this lamp with the one above in the same room and have a coordinating lighting scheme.

Southport Table Lamp at Pottery Barn, $129-189

Lamp 3
Surprise! Another mercury glass lamp. I couldn’t decide between the two so I added them both. This would go well with the first mercury lamp I showed too. This one might be my favorite of all the lamps I included because of the traditional, versatile shape.

Hanging Lantern Table Lamp at Cabela’s, $129.99

Lamp 2
What’s life without some whimsy? We received the Cabela’s gift catalog recently and I saw this lamp along with a matching floor lamp. I was surprised how much I liked the shape and proportions; it is well designed. In the right room, I think this light could be successful.

If you’re in the market for new lamps, I hope this small assortment gave you some inspiration and best of luck to you in your search. Perseverance may need to be your friend.