English Garden Guest Room: Decorating Ideas

I couldn’t get the Flower Garden painting out of my head after telling you about it a few days ago. I kept envisioning this charming garden-inspired room and kept feeling the itch to assemble pieces for it.

So I did.

If you were my guest in this ‘English garden with a modern twist’ room, you’d receive morning tea and biscuits complete with a side of clotted cream. It’s just the type of host I am.

English Garden Guest Room Interior Design Board

Can I move into this room now?

I should mention too that I think this room would be lovely if it was aromatically accented with a Gardenia candle.

 Note: I set out to find pieces of goodness that worked around my painting as well as my budget. It was also my goal to choose stores that were easily found both online and around many communities nationwide.