Enjoying a campfire…backyard style…

Fire Flames Do you find that campfires relax you? I find that they send me into a deep thinking, creative world and it’s simply rejuvenating to be there.

Late in the afternoon yesterday, my husband and I were reading outside and the wind kept blowing in a quiet, but chilly fashion. Someone else nearby was having a fire and I couldn’t help the wanting to start our own little fire.

After all, we had all the pieces and parts for S’mores, we had sticks to burn, the sky was a beautiful blue, nature was singing and it just felt like the right thing to do.

So after a quick dinner of pizza and sushi… (we are what you call eclectic connoisseurs)…

Pizza and Sushi Dinner
I gathered the most important supplies, the food.

My husband pretty much did everything else. He’s a camping pro so fire starting is his department.

Then we set off to cooking, roasting, delcious-a-fying some mallows.

Cooking Marshmallows
My marshmallow got a little saggy, but it tasted great! (I feel I must also say that yes, we did build a fire in a mini-Weber grill – it’s the perfect size for it!)

Cooking Marshmallow
It was pretty cold outside so the chocolate was not keen on melting. It was plenty thick too. Trader Joe’s milk chocolate bars are the best. Seriously. And I’m not a fan of chocolate. Except when they’re in s’mores.

Delcious Smores
Below is what happens when your chocolate doesn’t melt. I didn’t mind apparently, because it lasted two more bites. Yum.

This picture makes me want another one.

Eating Smores
After eating too many s’mores to count, we watched a beautiful sunset and let the fire roar on. Soon we were out of thick sticks and were left with the hot embers. In the picture below, my husband had just stirred the embers and sparks were flying out.

Hot Coals That might be my favorite part of the campfire evolution. It glows and pulses as if it’s alive. Then when you blow on the embers, they light up ethereally. Sometimes a flame will lick out, sometimes not.

Overall, I’d say it was a good night. I hope the weekend was a good one for you and that you’re having a good start to this week. It’s going to be a great one!

Artfully yours,