Peony Up Close | Cortney North Fine Art

Lots of flowers and one unique bird: A photo journal

I hope you enjoyed the weekend! It was a perfect weekend here in Ohio with lots of sun and mild temperatures. My husband and I had pretty busy days leading up to the weekend, so we decided it was best to take it easy.

Friday night we enjoyed the quite delicious Trader Joe’s Tiramisu Torte. The texture is lighter than I expected – like a soft whipped cream – and the espresso-soaked cake wasn’t too strong. It was a great dessert for the week’s end! We made fresh lemonade and lemon & lavender scones with the lemons Trader Joe’s has for only $1.5o or so a bag. The scones aren’t anything fancy – we just follow the recipe on the TJ’s buttermilk pancake mix box. Sometimes I make baked goods from scratch and sometimes my impatience wins out!

I finished (finally!) Duels and Deceptions by Cindy Anstey and was happy with the ending. That was exactly what I was looking for this weekend – happy endings and feel good moments!

Speaking of feel good moments, I was treated to great lighting and wondrous flowers when we went on an early morning walk. May you enjoy the treats we found in our little neck of the woods!


Purple Iris by Cortney North Fine Art

Iris Garden

I didn’t realize how stunning this photo was until I loaded it on our computer. These iris’ are almost verging on electric blue. The dew drops sent me over-the-edge in love with this photo. It is the best in show of the collection, in my opinion.


Chives in bloom Cortney North FIne Art


The tight buds I photographed previously opened into these fun purple balls. They resemble the pom poms I’ve seen at birthday parties and weddings.


White Fringe Tree by Cortney North Fine Art

White fringe tree

I had to look up the variety of this tree because I want to plant it when we have a garden. The delicate flowers smell incredible! If it wasn’t in a park, I would trim those branches and place the flowers in a vase on my dining room table.


White Peony | Cortney North Fine Art


This was the only peony photo I took without an insect crawling somewhere in view. Though I would love to bring the flowers inside, I like the bugs to stay outside my home. My second favorite part of the peony is the bud. It is a tight sphere that bursts open into this frilly flower.


White Peony | Cortney North Fine Art

Peonies with insects

While most animals will say to your camera, “No paparazzi,” the ants on these peonies were in love with it. Sigh. There are two ants hiding in this flower. Can you spot them?


Purple Iris | Cortney North Fine Art


These beauties are in full bloom and could not be more stunning in the dramatic lighting. Purple and yellow (color compliments) along with strong directional lines make the iris a ready-set subject for photos.


Purple Robe tree | Cortney North Fine Art

Purple Robe (locust) tree

I mentioned in one of my prior posts that the purple robes were in bloom and – as always – quite stunning. They didn’t disappoint. They remind me of the colors of the bougainvillea when they are in bloom.


Wild Rose | Cortney North

Wild white rose

This delicate flower was curled up along with the others after a long night.  On the way back from our nature walk, they were open and ready for pollinators.


Rosebreasted Grosbeak | Cortney North Fine Art

Rosebreasted Grosbeak

Every few years we happen to spy these birds as they are migrating through Ohio. My husband had the eyes that spotted this bird. They are so striking with their rose-red chest and black and white bodies.


Yellow Iris | Cortney North Fine Art

Yellow iris

This flower was as large as my outstretched hand. They are huge and absolutely gorgeous. The glittery sheen of the petals comes through in this photo, which makes me happy.