A Houzz Collection: Paths that will hopefully entice Spring to arrive!

I forced myself to be outside this winter just like the postal service – during rain, snow, sleet or shine. I believed it helped fight the winter blues last year and vowed to do it again this year. There were days when it was 13 degrees yet the sun was out and beckoned me to walk my local park’s paths. But February was so nice and I had a taste of the warmth; now I’m ready for spring. I’m ready for mild temperatures and most of all I’m ready for green leaves to come back!

I love plants. I don’t have a yard to tend, but when I do, there will be lots of gardens. My husband says I can plant and tend to my heart’s delight. His only request is for an orchard full of fruit trees. I think I can make that happen.

Gardens are magnificent sources of inspiration due to their varied hues and the high contrast values. They are the place I go for my best artistic inspiration. Because I was feeling lonely for some green leaves and yearning for garden inspiration, I searched around Houzz for some garden paths that I thought, “Yep, I could have that out my back door.”

Here’s the collection!

What I love: The mature trees, tall shrubs and winding path. It provokes the imagination when I can’t see the end of the path. My mind likes to wander and think of where the rest of the path meanders.

What I love: The mushroom lights to the right of the path and organic shape of the stones. How lovely would this be at night when the side lights are illuminating the landscape and a fire is roaring in that fireplace? Mighty lovely, I say!

What I love: The bricks and the ferns. My favorite plant is a fern. I have two (plastic) ferns proudly sitting in urns on either side of my fireplace. Ferns make my southern heart happy. The brick path is a nod to history and that adds an aged element to the garden.

What I love: It is as though I’m walking through a prairie of wildflowers without the annoying itchiness from grass and bugs. This is beautifully landscaped and the colors were well thought out.

What I love: The gradual opening up to the open grassy area. This is a unique idea and allows for an unobstructed view of the field beyond. It feels like the gradual transition from a forest into the prairie.

What I love: This would be a low maintenance garden and one I would enjoy using as an escape in the city. The space is well planned with different zones and no square foot is wasted.

What I love: The old world feel of the space. It doesn’t compete with the brick home, but acts like an extension. The jasmine must make the garden smell amazing! Those trees look like lollipops, which amuses me.

What I love: One of my favorite movies is Jurassic Park and any home or garden that could make me think, “I believe this is where I’d stay if rented a cottage at Jurassic Park” is a winner. The deep orange of the wood contrasted with the hunter green plants is a nice touch. There are no flowers that I can see, but I’m not certain they are needed in this modern, tropical garden.

What I love: The hidden garden feel of this space. Just wander down those steps and you have a reading or writing haven.

What I love: The alliums! They are one of my favorite flowers because of their whimsical shape and bold color. With the trees mimicking their shape, I just had to include this garden. It is formal, but how could I not enjoy walking up and down that soft grassy path?