Houzz Finds: Bird Bathroom Ideas

Given the title of the post, you may wonder why I care about designing a bird bathroom. It is a fair question albeit not quite accurate. What I mean by ‘bird bathroom’ is bird-themed bathroom. I have an interesting (people like my husband would call it an odd/unusual/strange) fascination for birds adorning a bathroom.

I have loved this idea since I first saw designer Sarah Richardson place the wallpaper (shown below) in a powder room. This is not her interior design, but one I found on Houzz with the same wallpaper.

Farmhouse Bathroom

I chalk this up to being one of those whimsical features about me because I like birds, but I will never have a bird for a pet. I like them outside where I don’t have to touch them or clean up after them. But I’m happy to have them enter my home in the form of wallpaper! Why? It’s probably the nature-lover inside me.

For the purposes of full disclosure, I feel the need to admit that my husband is not on board with this plan. He’s known for years that I want to have bird wallpaper on the walls in a powder room. He’s not a fan. He’s not sold. He’s told me I can do what I want with that bathroom, but he never has to step foot in it. I’m sure everyone has this in their relationship.

Let’s be honest, it’s probably not related to bird wallpaper, but I’m sure there’s a design impasse lurking somewhere. Just know it’s normal and tell your significant other to find comfort that their dilemma could be worse – at least they don’t have the looming dread of birds popping up in a powder room.

I’ve declared I’m going to find a way to make this work for both of us! I’m nothing if not determined! This is what I’m going to do: I’m going to show this post to my husband and see if one of the designs I picked could be a compromise of birds for me and non-crazy bird room for him. I’ll post his thoughts with each design. Wish me luck!

Penn Valley

This wallpaper is vibrant and energetic. I likely would not chose this print/colorway, but I really like the youthfulness and tropical feel of the room. For my preference, this much wallpaper is verging on overwhelming, so I would have the tile extend further up the wall and leave a 1 foot space for the wallpaper between the molding and tile.

Husband’s take: Do you really have to ask?


Farmhouse Bathroom

I enjoy the vine-like quality of this wallpaper. The room has a cheerful, fresh atmosphere, which is aided by the light colors and sunny yellow accents. This wallpaper brings the outside indoors and creates a garden feel to the space.

Husband’s take: There is a lot of movement and it’s too vibrant.


Traditional Bathroom

This is the same wallpaper as the above room, but different colorway. This has a contemporary feel and seems to be nodding in the direction of toile. Because there are two colors (blue and white), I would feel comfortable leaving the paneling at the height shown.

Husband’s take: I don’t mind this. I could live with it.


Portland Mid-Century Modern

This wallpaper is modern and sophisticated, which is perfectly displayed in this equally modern bathroom design. The graphic quality allows for so much variation in the room concerning colors, design style and fixture matches.

Elegant Redo of a Hollywood Spanish Colonial

The two rooms are so different in feel and for my design preference, I lean towards this one. Because the pattern has a long gap before it repeats, I would do this wallpaper in a floor to ceiling style as shown above. But – I would only do one wall. I like the idea of having an accent wall with this design and the other three walls painted white OR I would have the accent wall and add plate rail height paneling (leaving 1 foot between ceiling and rail) on the other three walls. The space between ceiling and rail would be filled in with wallpaper.

Husband’s take: I like that the trees and birds are silhouettes. I could see this working if it were only on one wall.


Beechwood & Llewellyn

This bird and rabbit wallpaper is a complete detour from the modern design above. It is a classic combination of teal and gold. I love the old-world feel of the design. Used in this room with so much layered on top of it, the wallpaper becomes a texture and doesn’t jump out as much as the other designs I’ve shown. The contrast is low and does not lend itself to becoming overwhelming.

Husband’s take: It feels country to me. I like that it reads as a texture rather than as a wallpaper. Side note: country is not always a good thing for me.


Snug yet elegant powder room

This room is so interesting that it had to be added in despite the fact that there are no birds! There are trees and thus a similar design could be created that added a few birds into the mix. Or I could paint them in. Just as the above design was more textural, this monochromatic design becomes a texture rather than overt design. It is accessible because of this. To me, though, it is no less powerful as a wallpaper.

Husband’s take: Love it! It is subtle yet sophisticated. It could stand to have a few birds in the trees.


Kangaroo Point Residence #2

This wallpaper design was such a deviation from the others above that I wanted to include it. It is bold and graphic because of the high contrast of colors, but feels traditional due to the realistic imagery. Overall the space is well composed. If you’re looking to make a statement, this is a good choice.

Husband’s take: I don’t like this at all. It makes me think of ugly drapes at a grandma’s house or malachite slab designs people use to decorate their walls.


Searidge/Wikwood Associates

I’ve included this as an example of the higher paneling and how it works with the bold wallpaper. This particular wallpaper design isn’t one I would chose.

Husband’s take: I don’t like it.

I just did the tally and it looks like there are two ‘maybe’s’ and one ‘yes.’ That feels like a victory!

What this exercise taught me is that I like the idea of a bold pattern in a powder room and he prefers a subtle pattern that reads as a texture. Ergo the birds aren’t the issue, it’s the vibrancy and boldness of the design that typically accompanies the birds that is unappealing to him. Hmm, you learn something new everyday!