Houzz picks: Eclectic exteriors and some tropical therapy

I’ve been on a modern design kick. It was a sudden change a few months ago and I’m still a bit surprised by it. I was set on French country mixed with contemporary plus some rustic, then out of nowhere I began to enjoy ultra-modern spaces. Some of the designs I like could pass as businesses or laboratories, but the style gets my artistic vibes going in all types of happy directions.

What happened? I don’t know. Maybe my eye overloaded on farm/rustic/french country and revolted to the opposite corner? Keeping this in mind, here are some Houzz photos that caught my eye this week. They are an eclectic blend.

Contemporary Open Home

The clean lines with simple, geometric shapes brings a smile to my face. I enjoy the contrast of light stone with black window framing. I’m sure if I were standing indoors in this home, the outdoors would feel like part of the space due to all of the windows.


Hilltop House | Grand Vista Subdivision

I really, really like this architecture. I love the wooden elements juxtaposed with the metal siding. All of the geometry makes my heart sing. It blends so well into the surrounding environment – it holds its own against the trees, but doesn’t intrude. This also looks like a home straight from a sci-fi movie, which only adds points in its favor.


Green Oaks Atherton

My husband has not fully jumped on the modern bandwagon with me and his style leans towards French Country (read: castle homes). The architecture of this home is enveloped by the surrounding garden, which gives it an older, soulful feel. It’s a very elegant design.


Olive Mill

The same idea of the garden enveloping the home is felt in this photo. It seems aged and rustic, which is appropriate for a country home. The colors blend well with nature and the multi-hued roof is an interesting touch.


Trigg House

When I saw this photo, I knew it had to go up! This whole space is art – the art fixture, the wall treatment, the recessed alcoves for art – it’s all so cool! I don’t get warm and fuzzy vibes from this space, but it fascinates me.


Delaware Beach House with Reclaimed Wood Beams

I still enjoy rustic, french country design, but I want to see some unique touches if I’m going to ‘favorite’ something. This room has two items that caught my attention. The first is the rope holding back the off-white curtains. The design choice was unexpected and gave this space an instant beach feel without screaming ‘I’m a beach house.’ The second is the deep gray ceiling. In combination with the wood beams, this treatment makes the space feel old-world and brings the room’s soaring ceiling to a more cozy aesthetic height.


Representative Project

This room is rustic and modern – the modern touch coming from the large window. This feels more like an atrium than a dining room, which is my ideal room. If I could live in a greenhouse I would. With the floor to ceiling windows, trees and stone/brick floor, this room is edging close a greenhouse and I like it!


Hastings, Bainbridge Island, WA

I’ve had this photo saved in my ideabook for some time. My favorite complimentary color combo is purple and yellow and the addition of lively green appealed to me. I see this and think “color inspiration for a future painting.”


Davids Garden

And now to this photo. This was saved because it is 20 degrees outside (and falling), the skies were gray when I took my afternoon walk, but turned sunny as soon as I got inside. I need to remember there is green, lush landscape somewhere on this planet. A visual escape, that is why this photo is here.


Davids Garden

And ditto for this photo. Ah, green, you are so lovely!