If you love tropical waters…

If you are a fan of tropical water, the Caribbean or the colors turquoise and aqua, you will love this painting.
Doesn’t it remind you of sitting on the beach watching the calm waves of the ocean roll to shore?

I painted this with my love of water, beaches and turquoise in my heart. This abstract painting has a 1 1/2″ depth and is 12×24. At first I was hesitant about this size of canvas because I wasn’t sure where it would go.

As it turns out, it works in almost any spot you would want to place it. I hung it horizontally over our bed and it looked great. I placed it in our upstairs hallway on a thin wall across from our bedroom door; also a great place. Then I moved it downstairs to the living room and found that it completed the space at the end of our sofa above an end table that has a tall lamp resting on it.

Whew… that was a long sentence.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Since this size was such a good fit for all those ‘how do I decorate this’ spaces in our home, I will definitely paint more!

Happy weekend to you! I hope your weekend plans involve some fun, relaxation and great time with family and friends!

Artfully yours,