Cozy Office Idea

At least the name is correct now!

Let’s see, a quick wrap up of what has been going on this past week for me includes working at my away-from-home job as well as on my art business. I finished up my ‘Three Blue Tangs’ painting and am still waiting for a non-cloudy day to photograph it. Perhaps this weekend will bring sunny weather. If not, I may need to make the best of what I have and take the photos anyway. In the meantime, I’ve been working on the new painting of the Copper-banded butterfly fish.

I just double-checked my spelling of this species’ name and realized the whole name is – ahem – incorrect. Well.

The correct version is Copperband butterflyfish, which is not instinctual to me and also throws my spellchecker into a tizzy. Perhaps I should go with the more common name of Beaked coral fish, but that sounds less jazzy.

I don’t have a picture of my in-progress butterflyfish painting because it’s a bit too in-process at the moment. Please enjoy these stunning silver fish sculptures from Houzz instead!



During my ‘not working’ hours, I’ve been:

    • reading ‘Winter’s Tale’ by Mark Helprin. I need to say again, this is a long book! I’m more than half way through and still have yet to grasp how these plot lines will connect in the end. I will be quite sad if they don’t connect, which I guess I should consider as a possibility. Who knows the whims of an author?


    • buying all the vegetables at Trader Joe’s. Our refrigerator is stocked with a bounty and I’m unclear why I thought I needed enough veggies to feed a family of 6 (when we are a family of 2). Don’t worry, however, we’re not fans of waste so they won’t go bad. But it looks like Healthyville for us for another week! Vegetable soup, anyone?


    • perusing the 150 New Eco Home Design book I mentioned in my last post. My husband and I enjoy going through a few homes each night and checking out the modern touches. The earlier homes were more our style, but now we’ve moved into a section for ultra-modern tastes. These homes aren’t our preference and could best be described as sparse institutions. You would drive by the home and wonder, “What is a research facility doing in the middle of this field?”


    • picking up ‘Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 2’ from the library, so we’re all set for our movie night! Plus, Papa John’s has a great special on two medium pizzas – our Friday night is set! This is what your thirties look like, kids! (At least if you are both introverts, who have jobs that are people-centric and can’t say anymore words at the end of the week. And you’re money-conscious.) Yes, we live it up. Why do you ask?


    • missing interior design, so I’ll be doing a post about it soon. I’m not sure what I want to put together. I think I want to design a room based on what I find at stores, but I need an inspiration piece. Perhaps a cozy library/office. Ooo, that is appealing to me. The weather is cold, cloudy and screaming for me to read a book (aka Winter’s Tale) by the fireplace.



I’m picturing something like the above design, which wraps you up in warmth and tells you, “Never leave!” Dark wood paneling, lots of shelves, and touches of natural elements. I can’t wait to see what I’ll find and put together!

I got distracted and found this too:



Wow, what a stunning focal point! This office needs a few adjustments to feel warm and cozy to me, but if I were in that room, I wouldn’t be looking at the decor. How impressive! Would you be able to get any work done in this room? I know I wouldn’t unless I said, “But I’m sketching fish.”

That could only work for so long before my husband looked at my sketches, realized I barely had any and that all the fish names were pseudo-correct.

Hope to see you soon for the ‘snuggle with a book’ library design!