Living room design tour

Today I was feeling inspired by the large 24×36 canvas I was painting (it’s drying, which is why I had a few extra minutes to write!). I think it would really shine in a living room and that led my mind to designing a living room around the painting, which then led me to

I often find my mind hopping down bunny trails, but it always leads to inspiration so I let it wander.

To save you from my bunny trail, here are some well-composed and beautifully designed rooms I felt particularly inspired by.

Design 1: This living room brings to life my dreams of owning a quaint cottage that smells like apple pie and chocolate chip cookies. It’s simple, not over embellished, which makes the architecture shine. I’ll move right in, yes, thank you for offering!

Design 2: Normally I’m not a white/off white/shades-of-color-that-are-so-light-they’re-nearly-white interior design connoisseur, which is why I’m surprised this room pleases me so much. But here’s why I like it: The bold punches of color from the art, furniture pieces and pillows are the main features of the room. Sometimes when you want the art in the room to be the focal point, you have to dial everything else back. This is such a great example of that.

Design 3: Those beams have me in awe, which is why this room design is here. Typically beams are left rugged and raw at the top, but I love that they are built into the wall and ceiling. Love the cleaned-up rustic look!

Design 4: I’m just so intrigued by so many features in this room. Those twig-mimicking lights next to the bird art collection – how innovative. With the windows around the room and the twig lights reaching up into the window space, it gives the illusion of the outdoors being inside. Then you have the large tree trunk tables that are left raw and relatively unfinished. The whole look is polished, but you get the vibe that you are on a nature hike and just stumbled upon a chic camp.

Design 5: These windows with those trees so beautifully demanding your attention. It was hopeless for me not to love this room because 1. I love it when nature is the star of the show, 2. wingback chairs make me melt, and 3. there is a mix of classic elements with industrial and contemporary. It’s too much and too wonderful!

Design 6: A room to me needs to be treated as a piece of art. When I’m painting, I’m thinking about balance, colors, texture, movement and so on. When I look at rooms, it’s the same formula, which is why I responded so well to this space. The focal point is that incredibly sculpted mantle, which means it demands the attention. So to compliment the mantle and draw your eye there, they placed two bright coral chairs to frame it. Then the zebra print ottoman only helps to guide your eye with it’s texture and contrast. There is so much more here, but I’ll stop there because I didn’t plan to write a book tonight. And I might want to eat some dinner.

Hope you enjoyed the design tour! Tomorrow’s Friday so hooray for that. Hope you have some fun, end of summer weekend plans!

Artfully yours,