Middle of painting

Today’s post will be a shorter one since I’m in the middle of a large painting. This one, in fact. Painting in Progress

It is going to require many, many layers to get the depth that I want. I have no idea how many it already has. If you made me guess, I’d say in the neighborhood of 25-30 layers. There might be just that many to go.

This is where it is heading… SeashorePainting

I worked on this painting last week and into the weekend. I was after soft, sea-inspired colors. Like my other two paintings, this will be for sale soon. It is 12″x12″ with a depth of 1.5″. This painting was cheering me up when the skies were a solid sheet of gray. It was dreary last week, so I’m glad for paintings that allow me to see some color!

Current Palette And here is the paint palette. What a combination of colors!

In addition to painting this weekend, I wrote a little in my science fiction novel. This past week also marked my switch to exercising more, eating healthily and eating less. This means I was the delightful combination of tired, sore and hungry as I adjusted to the new schedule. This weekend seemed to bring me a respite – and a cheat meal. Today, I feel much better so I’m over the first difficult hurdle, surviving the first week!

I believe I’ve allowed enough time for the paint to dry and it is time for another layer to be added. Back to the canvas!