More prints in the shop!

Here are the three most recent prints I’ve posted in my shop – woo hoo!
Field of Flowers by Cortney North Fine Art

‘Field of Flowers’ Fine Art Print

I was witness to the most stunning bouquet of flowers with these colors and the image overwhelmed me. It was so earthy, but vibrant, colorful, but muted – so captivating. In a flurry of paint and canvas, I worked with the colors until I found the balance that represented the bouquet. The background is what does it for me in this painting though. It provides a solid foundation with its subtle, brown undertone. That warm color is a mix of raw sienna, raw umber and a splash of titanium white for good measure. Oh, I love it!

Fruit Sorbet by Cortney North Fine Art

‘Fruit Sorbet’ Fine Art Print

This is a colorful, lively, energetic and refreshing painting that also comes from a flower bouquet I saw recently. July must bring out all the best flowers here in Ohio! When I’m working with these bold pinks and reds, my creativity always brings me to painting with big, sweeping brushstrokes. I think it’s a bit from the round sense of the flowers, but also the energy they give. When I need a visual jump start, I’ve found that all I have to do is look into the painting and, wow, I’m refueled! It really illustrates the power of color.

Mountain Mist by Cortney North Fine Art

‘Mountain Mist’ Fine Art Print

This is my most recent painting and I’m in love. It was only after walking away from it for some time that I realized there was what looks to be a sunbeam shining from the top of the painting – unexpected and intriguing indeed! When I was deciding on colors for this canvas, mountains kept coming to mind, but I wasn’t sold immediately. In the end, I opted to go with my gut and moved forward on the mountain colors theme in my head. I’m so glad I did because the result is a painting that is calming, quiet and relaxing. When I look at this piece, I always feel as though I’m looking out from a forest high on a mountain, overlooking a valley below. The sun is just touching the leaves along the edge of the forest and in the valley. Beautiful!

If you’re interested in purchasing any of these prints, or having a painting made for you similar to one of these, you can contact me directly or head over to my Etsy shop! Thanks for stopping by!