Morning by the Waves abstract art print by Cortney North fine art

New Print: “Morning by the Waves” abstract art print

It feels so rewarding to have “Morning by the Waves” prints available in my shop! Working on the painting was one of the most enjoyable experiences for me. I let my creativity go wild and create a scene that was energetic yet full of soothing colors. I grew up by the beach and will forever be drawn to the ocean. This painting is directly inspired by the quiet, soothing mornings spent by the waves, before people began filling in on the sand.


Morning by the waves by Cortney North fine art print

This is the color palette of my home. I love a full range of blues and greens – anything watery and earthy is my favorite. ‘Morning by the Waves’ likely represents the colors of my artistic heart. Lots of blue, smokey white background and layers of teal, brilliant blue, cobalt and vibrant greens in the middle and foreground. I really enjoy that I integrated a full value spectrum. I’m often nervous to use dark grays, but to get the sense of depth that I’m searching for, I know it is needed.

Morning by the Waves fine art print by Cortney North

I’ve shown the unframed version of the 8×10 print here for reference. To see all three sizes I offer, visit my Etsy shop here: “Cortney North Fine Art on Etsy