New Abstract Painting!

I finished the painting halfway through this past week and I’ve been so excited to share it with you. It’s incredible in so many ways. Every time I stand and look at it, I get lost in the depth of the painting. It’s as though you get absorbed in a pink, flowery world for as many moments as you want to stand and stare.

Which for me recently, happens to be a lot. It’s hard to resist because it gives off such good vibes. It’s cheery, happy, joyful.
Pink and Red Abstract by Cortney North

I find myself getting lost just looking at these pictures and the real painting looks even better! It’s a 20×20 painting on canvas. The sides are gallery profile, which means they have a 1 1/2″ depth. Pink and Red Abstract Close up by Cortney North There is just something ethereal about it that makes my soul sing and burst forth with happiness.

So there you are. One of the new paintings I’ve been working on. I’ll post the other one tomorrow. It’s more turquoise and gray and vertical. It would be a perfect piece in a beach home.

Happy Friday to you and I wish you an excellent weekend!