New in Shop: ‘Beach II’ Prints

I think I can tell when I’m missing the ocean because I tend towards those colors when I’m painting. That’s what happened here. I want to be at this beach. Those turquoise blues are drawing me in.

Beach II by Cortney North

Beach II by Cortney North – now available

It’s such a peaceful beach scene, isn’t it? I had the inspiration from a short family vacation I took a long, long time ago down to the Florida Keys. When the water is shallow, you can see the yellowish brown sand, but there is the clear blue water above. That’s the look I was going for in this painting – wading in the shallow water.

As much as I would like to visit a beach right now, Ohio is just beginning to come to life with Fall color. It’s such a beautiful time.

Wouldn’t this be a nice backyard to relax in while watching the fall colors change? It’s a great rustic space that’s made more cozy by well-placed lighting (always the key to a beautiful nightscape) and nature-colored cushioned chairs.

Our lotus bog & gardens

from Flickr – photo from Amy Butler of Amy Butler Designs

On a somewhat related note, I found this photograph from the fabric designer/artist Amy Butler on her Flickr page last night. My husband and I were wondering, where does she live? My guess was possibly in Hawaii. As it turns out, she lives in Granville, Ohio of all places, which is on the other side of town from us! This is in Ohio!?

We were impressed. Talk about daily natural inspiration! She has lots more where this picture came from. Her designs are quite wonderful too – but that goes without saying. It is worth checking out if you’re interested.

I’m still working on a triptych involving gold, tan and burgundy. I’m giving the paintings time to tell me where they need to head next. The first layers of color are on and situated, but sometimes I need to take time away in order to move to the second stage of adding the details. I was viewing them yesterday and creative ideas started boiling to the surface, so I think by tomorrow I’ll have a solid idea of what to do.

With that said, I think you have a good guess as to what my weekend will be about. Painting, painting and football. Then reading on Sunday.

Happy weekend wishes to you. I hope you have some time carved out for yourself in the busyness of the two days – it’s a healthful thing to do!

Artfully yours,