New in the Shop: ‘Key West Garden’ print

This past weekend was a wonderful one here in the North household. Saturday I was spending lots of time in the studio without many distractions, which meant I could really allow my creative juices to go free. I put the gesso on a commissioned piece that will be a burgundy, green and tan ensemble. But the big project for the day was beginning a diptych that I want to be like looking into beautiful blue-green ocean water. It’s coming along and there’s a sneak peek below (it’s the last photo). That photo was from Saturday before dinner and before the s’mores fest.

I’ve been learning the art and importance of allowing rest time into my weeks as well. It’s amazing the difference in my energy, creativity and spunk when I’ve had a day to stop focusing on my business.

So, for the fun of it, my husband and I made a fire in the backyard fire pit and cooked s’mores. The air cooled down enough to be enjoyable and we taste-tested three different versions of s’mores. Our favorite was the classic s’mores combo, but we used a Hershey’s Symphony chocolate bar, which made it a step up in the delicious rating. Our second favorite was using a York peppermint patty and the third was a Reese’s peanut butter cup. We’ve had the Reese’s before so we knew it would be wonderful; I think it’s why the peppermint patty edged it out of second place that night. Sadly I don’t have photos, but my mind was all about getting the treats into my mouth as quickly as I could. I do love those gooey, messy s’mores.

I want one now. They were so good.

Key west Garden11x14 by Cortney North Fine Art

Here’s the newest print in the shop. It’s one piece of the triptych I was working on last week and the week prior. I love the beautiful, soft colors. It’s so tropical and inspiring.


Friday night I worked on putting up the framed photos with all of my art. Here’s the ‘Key West Garden’ print again in a stunning, gallery frame. Divine!

sneak peek of newest print at Cortney North Fine Art

Sneak peek alert! Here’s what I’ll be working on today. Ohh, it’s going to be good.

Hope you had a great weekend too and that you’re refreshed for the week ahead. I also hope you didn’t suffer a sugar hangover like I had for most of Sunday.

It was worth it.

I think.

I want another s’more.

Oh dear.

Thanks for stopping by! Sending my love,

Cortney the s’more addicted artist