New in the Shop: Springtime Meadow 12×12 Print

Springtime Meadow 12x12 print of original acrylic abstract painting by Cortney North The newest addition to my shop is a new size and a new color scheme.

A few weekends ago, I was sitting outside in the late afternoon watching the birds flying and the leaves being tossed in the breeze. That’s when I saw these magnificent colors. The sun was shining just perfectly on the leaves to give them a glowing sense. The sky had wispy clouds, just enough to give the bright, clear cerulean a touch of texture. To cap off the moment, the grass had been freshly cut and was a glistening shade of robust green (not to mention it was emitting a wondrous smell).

That afternoon was one of those rare, peaceful moments that makes me feel completely a part of nature. And now it’s captured in this painting.