New Print: ‘Effervescence’ 12×12 Fine Art Print

The holidays have passed and the new year has begun! I’ve been preparing since last fall to re-open my shop and I’m excited the day has finally arrived. I’m curating my older prints, so only a few will carry over from the days of old.

Late last year and into the early parts of this year I worked on a new painting – Effervescence – that I’ve just made into print form. Hooray!

Effervescence Fine Art Print by Cortney North, pink, purple and coral painting

‘Effervescence’ Fine Art Print by Cortney North

I’m thrilled with the way the colors work together. Sometimes the scanning process changes colors to the point that the original is quite different from the print. That can be a frustrating realization for me since I’m very specific about the colors I choose to place on the canvas. I was aware of the possibility with this painting, even while I was painting, and hoped the pinks, corals, oranges and purples would distinguish themselves versus becoming a large pink with dark pink image. To my delight, they distinguished themselves beautifully!

Effervescence Fine Art Print by Cortney North Fine Art


I enjoy the playful movement that runs like a current through this piece. It is dynamic and uplifting. The warm hues help with the feeling of liveliness and remind me of a tropical flower, which is a nice reminder when the skies are gray here in Ohio! There are many places this print would be ideal: a living room, bathroom that needs a pop of color, young girl’s/teenager’s bedroom, hallway that may need some pep added to it.

The original painting will be available for purchase soon. I still need to finish painting the sides and adding my signature. It measures 12″x12″x1.5″ in case you’re interested.

I have two more paintings waiting to be transformed into prints. Plus there is a larger painting on the easel that has its background painted, but is waiting for details. I’m hopeful to carve out time this weekend to work on it!