New prints in my shop!

Over the past two weeks I posted three prints in my shop, but haven’t gotten around to writing about them here on my blog. I love them, no doubt about that, but it kept slipping my mind in the midst of working on new paintings (which are getting ready to appear in the shop) along with re-designing a dining room for a client.

But never fear, my friend, here are the three paintings complete with my notes from the painting process as well as my general thoughts about the paintings!

Reflection11x14 abstract art print by Cortney North

This painting was completely and 100% inspired by my memories spent in the pool as a child. It’s been off-and-on hot here in Ohio this past June (though it’s nothing compared to the temps out in the West – yikes!) and I found solace in painting the colors of splashing, bubbling water. The red and orange brushstrokes were a bold move. I was hesitant at first to include them because the blue was striking on its own and I didn’t want to disturb the balance of the hues already existing on the canvas. My instincts, overriding my fear as they always do, proved correct and in the end, the red is similar to a tropical flower that perfectly contrasts with the brilliant blue water. It’s the powerful pop that made this painting so dynamic.


Waterfall 11x14 abstract acrylic painting print by Cortney North

This painting is so moody and captivating. It’s one of the darker paintings I’ve completed, but the strong movement, which is accented by the dramatic value changes, really sets this painting apart. It’s less of a stretch to see the waterfall, so it’s not as abstract as my other paintings.

My inspiration for this piece has an interesting story. There are times I’m deeply inspired by sounds and I paint what my mind’s eye is seeing as I listen. That is what happened on this day. As I was getting ready to paint in the studio, a storm was driving rain against the roof above me. As I listened, I mixed colors based on the colors in my mind. The movement of the brushstrokes coordinates with the sounds, some softer when the rain slowed, others more bold and streaming. For me when I look at this painting, it’s like a quick snapshot into that day and the memories of the sounds from that rainstorm.


Yellow and Gray abstract art print by Cortney North
‘Yellow and Gray’

Almost the complete opposite from the ‘Waterfall’ painting is this soft, delicate, muted yellow and gray painting. I love all colors, though I will admit I have a preference for those that are more strong and vibrant. That being said, every so often I like to work with pastels. They convey a softness and light that I find relaxing and soothing.

This painting was directly inspired by room designs I’ve been seeing in these similar colors. Yellow and gray pieces are popping up everywhere and the look resonated with me. Though I worked with a different-than-usual color palette for me, I still wanted to include that linear edginess that I love so much. The result is a piece that is sophisticated and full of movement.